Seasonal Roadblock

Do T13 or higher Bounties.

Any act and Capt. Crimson will eventually drop for you.

Check out the barb forum, seems like cains is most helpful to players with very high paragon.

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Thanks for the help everyone, i really apprecioate the info.


I believe you can solo 70 with the BK set, wastes set, ambo’s, and lamentation. Refine your build from there to get higher. I think I did an 80 or 85 without augments or ancients. The build is a lot more powerful than zodiacWW and a bit more exciting.

You can use my build I was able to get gladiator easy with it a few days back.

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I’ve done a 114 on season with no capt crimson. I use Endless walk set with mantle of channeling in the cube. Create a build tailored to your items. If you need more healing or a cheat death use it. If your not pushing use whatever to get the tab or pet.

You are missing the Band of Might ring. You should have enough damage for higher content, but are too squishy. Also

  • wear a lamentation if you can find a good one and cube mantel of channeling
  • put battle rage on left mouse and add furious charge with freeze enemies rune
  • get an ammy with socket and use taeguk gem
  • use whirlwind rune that sucks in enemies (you don’t need wrath gen with BK weapons)
  • cooldown reduction on shoulders and gloves, the goal is 100% uptime of wotb
  • green gems in weapons

If you get wotb to 100% reliably you can cube stone gauntlets and become really tough.

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there are even more options for him to increase dmg and toughness…

-correct stats on items and specially ring+amu+weapon
-2pc ik with rorg + dmg reduction rune for ancients

Thanks for all the insights everyone. I know I can improve my gear. I guess my question is what’s the orientation way to do so? Is it just spamming gRifts until the gear drops?

you could improve your amu with a yellow craft that has cc, chd, socket and mainstat or your elemental dmg…
(enchanting helps there if one stat is missing)

yea you run rifts and grifts to farm mats and items but basic knowledge about stats and skills also helps a lot… you can enchant almost all of your items but you have to know how…

What’s the best place to go to learn?

You don’t really need the plans to excel with this set.

I’ve managed a GR107 without it, and my gear is still pretty low end, and under 800p.

As long as you have the key items beyond the set, you should be able to run much higher than 60’s/70’s.

Take a look at the leaderboards, there is a build in the top 3 without it. The main thing to pay attention to is the affixes on the items. They will have the most impact at this stage of the season.

Go to the Mystic - there is no ‘learning’. Replace the +WW on your helm, + Overpower on your chest and the +Cleave on your pants. No need for AD on your shoulders, get cooldown reduction. Profile doesn’t show that you have a rune chosen for Rend or WotB. A few things need tweaking in your setup (you need a Band of Might also), but Captain Crimson isn’t needed to push into GR90’s and above.

p.s. replace that ruby in your weapon with an emerald.

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Go to Barb forum, read Free’s Season 19 WW Rend guide.
Best info you can get.

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Have you checked your Blacksmith? You might have picked up the plans already and not realized it. Just check for the Belt. If it’s there, then you have the plans already and can make the set.

stop listening to these fools. make a hardcore character and live to win, until you die.

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Thank you for posting this, and thanks everyone for the helpful information. I made some changes last night and plowed through a gRift 75 with no issues!!


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You’re welcome and congratulations!:muscle::ok_hand:

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I second that. I hate being in groups that don’t work together, each running around like chickens with their heads cut off, each in their own direction instead of staying in a group (or at least nearby). Staying together ensures that everyone gets the DB drops and chests. And I hate people that don’t farm efficiently - zigging and zagging all over the place like Ricochet Rabbit. I find it easiest (and fastest) to do a sweep around the perimeter of a zone, then circle around to the middle, then a straight dash to the entrance to the next level. You don’t miss any elites, you get all the DBs and gold and chests that way. Just my style of playing, others may disagree, but it works for me.

This is exactly how I do it. Always seemed the most “logical” way to me.