Seasonal challenges (PS4) are broken

Options “co-operative” and “hardcore” do NOT show anything for me, when either playing in a co-op game, or playing with a HC character. How can I tell what the challenges are?

Furthermore, why have these been changed from the previous seasons 10 to 24 inclusive? They ONLY serve to screw solo players even more. Group player? Gets a HC power level in =< 15 minutes. HC solo…well, you know what I mean. Solo players not playing co-op? There goes a swath of players who are so severely disadvantaged that they can no longer even remotely compete on the seasonal challenge LBs.

Terrible design change, please revert. You didn’t even give players the common courtesy of these changes before the season started…these days, since the builds are unbalanced, I mostly play seasons for the seasonal challenges LBs. You have now ruined the only real reason why I play seasons.

Good job Blizzard, NOT.


What are the challenges? mine are blank as well on PS4 and 5…

off the top of my head, I can’t remember them…

Given Blizzard’s prior responses to problems on consoles, this won’t get fixed this season.


so, Blizzard will this be fixed for s26, or will you ignore the multiple threads about this cos hey, it’s console? Can a community rep at least acknowledge this?

All we need is one PC player who understands the assignment. This isn’t an issue on PC.

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PC players don’t care. Blizzard doesn’t care. Sony doesn’t care. I’ve stopped playing the game pretty much. Hell, I can’t even be motivated with the season journey, which I usually do in 3 days…season has been going for 2 weeks now and I’m not even remotely close to finishing it. Seasonal theme is garbage as far as I’m concerned, cheaters running blatantly rampant with neither Sony or Blizzard giving a F.

I’ve moved onto other games.

Yes it is, and has been for a few seasons now.

Yes we do. It’s also broken on PC.

So, in 9 months, Blizzard CBF fixing it. Lovely isn’t it.