Season Theme is TERRIBLE

They should have baked season 20 into the base game.


Mistic season: this season mistic will roll 2 diferent atribute from every item instead of just 1

Zodiac season: every skill reduces 1 sec global cooldown on every hit

Legendary season: only legendaries will drop ( set items not included )

without effort 3 seasonal themes better than this awkward random enviromental effects hitting nothing while we move among the mobs… the only real effect i felt on the current ptr seasonal theme was aditional lag.

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Besides the lack of Damage of Season 21’s Theme effects, I find the activation every 2 minutes annoying. My timing sucks. The effects seem to activate at the oddest times. (Like just after a battle and all the monsters in that area are dead).

One of the funniest experiences I’ve had so far is teleporting back to town just as the Theme activates Diablo’s Red Lightning Hose. It’s the only effect (that I’ve noticed) that follows you back to town. So, there I am, running around town trying to salvaged items and I’m blasting everyone with this effect.   (Of course, no one’s taking any damage, but it’s still funny).

I think it would be better if the Damage was increased to be more beneficial at higher Game Difficulties. And, instead of activating every 2 minutes, activate only during attacks with 2 minutes between the ability to trigger another effect. So, if you’re not attacking monsters, the effect won’t activate even if 2 minutes has passed. If 2 minutes or more has passed when you begin attacking, then an effect will activate.

(Just my opinion.   )

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Agreed. Would give players more custimization and more fun on top of other seasons.

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I absolutely loathe having to wait for Nev or one of the other brainlets to make a post about “feedback from the community about how underwhelming the season theme is”.
Do us, and yourselves a favor, and either:

  • Buff this theme to the damage numbers we saw in Season 19

  • Flat out just reactive season 19 theme


  • Just scrap it all together and give us double goblin.

Please note that either of the three aforementioned is a better idea than what you currently have going. I’ve been playing PoE pretty exclusively but was planning on coming back to play with some friends this season. With the current state of affairs, I’ll catch you guys on Wraeclast!

We’ve already seen how true to your word you are (aka “botters’ time is coming”), so instead of letting us down for the millionth time, sit up in your chairs and do something about this. I’ll admit, if I was getting paid the blizzard bucks to beat a dead horse with D4 on the horizon, I wouldn’t have put much thought in to this either. Unfortunately, I play these games (unlike, I would guess, all of you do) and if you’re going to completely ruin the game 21 seasons in, just moonlight it and be done with it.


Nev left the company a couple of months ago…
…so you might be waiting for quite a while. :wink:

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Nev left the company a couple of months ago…
…so you might be waiting for quite a while.

She finally left? That’s fantastic; I commend anyone for leaving this developer team as fast as they can.


I really liked season 18 and 19 a lot. Other than 17, those were my two favorite seasons. Anything that impacts core gameplay is very engaging to me. The problem here, is that these 2 minutes random effects neither impact the gameplay nor engage me at all.

This Season is like s19.
-without the 1000Stacks
-without dmg
-without any uses for higher grifts
-WITH darkness so you cant see sh’t
-NO USE AT ALL when speedfarming


Pretty much this sums it up


Having an event during a rift killing monsters for you is not a seasosal theme tbh

What with the help of the damage dealers you clear 2-3-5 grs more ? Even if theu had the snowball or laser 10x stronger occuring every 30 seconds

What is the point ? It doesnt add any flavors to the gameplay…

Even rorg season added more
Even double bounties was better then this kind of stuff


A seasonal theme should be smthg like we’ve added a fourth place in kanais cube but u can only add non multiplier legendary powers

Add some flavor and / or twists
So people do something new

Then it is a theme
We added damage dealing visual effects is NOT a theme


We added MINIMAL damage dealing visual effects is NOT a theme is what I believe you meant to say. The season 19 theme of kill streaks, at least everything was spelled out when it was going to happen and you could play accordingly.

When I heard this season’s theme of an opened Kanai’s cube, I was a little skeptical. It is nice though. An idea I had was that they leave the cube how it is currently with one weapon, one armor and one jewelry, but open a fourth slot in the cube that is wildcard and can be from anywhere (how the cube is this season).

While the general idea behind this season is fine, I find the implementation to be just bad. The effects are too slow, too small and just not powerful enough. If the firewall was as wide as the screen and was 4 times faster then yeah I could hang with that. The tornados should follow you and pretty much surround you. The electrobreath needs to be about twice as strong if not more but otherwise it is my favorite effect. And the snowball should be 3x faster and probably 3 more of them. Is there even an earth effect? If there is that just shows how bad it is that I did not even notice it. I wish I could blame this on the current world situation, but I doubt that that was the problem. All I know is that I will be only playing this season long enough to get the pets as neither the DH set I was hoping for, or the season theme are interesting enough to get me to play for very long.

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i agree the visuals are too blinding and too much clutter


Sadly, most of my friends feel the same way about season journey and done. This is the first season that hasn’t had the hype train in the station that is ready to go to full steam ahead on season’s start.

Thanks all for the candid responses and feedback regarding the season theme. I have forwarded this thread over to the greater team.


I think the theme is very comparable to S19. While it’s highly regarded as one of the favorite themes in the D3 community as it actually added a mechanic to the game.
Because of the previous S19 theme we can’t not compare it.
First, the frequency, even at lower levels was MUCH higher.
As far as I’ve observed these effects last 10-20 seconds on a 2 minute timer, leaving us with roughly 90-100 seconds with no effect at all, that’s not ok, it’s not engaging.
Second, the damage. Had the damage been actually decent, equivalent to a conduit pylon for example, the small duration and randomness would have maybe worked. Remember, we need a REASON to play season and the theme should somehow add to the game mechanics, not just some visual mumbojumbo.
Third, the lack of knowledge.
Oh boy… guys. Who thought about this?
Aside from the lightning breath, all of the powers are VERY VERY BAD. Not just because of the damage or frequency but… what if i’m a WW barb moving at warp speed? I just won’t profit from the other effects as they don’t seem to follow me, and their AOE is only a screen, like, guys, we go through a screen in 0.5 seconds. I don’t want to be rude, but please play this game before implementing these things. I could wake up in the morning and look at the draft for these powers and immediately tell you they won’t work without even testing them.
Fourth, the effects themselves.
“Meteors rain from the skies around you.” - a couple of green meteors that fall slowly into an area the size of 1-2 screens.
“Breathe lightning.” - by far the better one, mechanically.
“A wall of flame engulfs everything.” - I … I just can’t. Guys, I can’t, I laughed when I saw this. It’s a fire fence. It engulfs “everything” ?.. Everything of what? The 6 feet of it’s length?
“Release twisters of pure energy.” - twisters, yay, how new. Yay, of course they don’t follow us.
“Crush your foes under the weight of rolling snowballs.” - I legit saw 2 snowballs when I was playing. And you may want to make them visually distinct from the ones monsters throw.

So, either:

  • Balance frequency + damage so it hits decently and lasts more and make it follow us.
  • If you don’t want it to follow us, make it deal very high damage. This in combination with a timer gives us a chance to make pulls and adds some strategic element to the theme.

Otherwise, I think you’ll find most people just won’t bother pushing this season, since it’s current form adds absolutely nothing.


If the theme is too strong however then we are back to just playing 4 support in 150s. I would rather have theme do nothing that kill everything for you.

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Does a season theme need to be limited to one effect?

If peope hate the elemental thing, just change it a bit and maybe add another season theme. 2x mats + 2x goblins + Elemantal buff or so.


Being the season of elements, they should give everyone a passive convention of elements. And also have these effects last forever, but change every 2 minutes. They wouldn’t need to buff or change them really (aside from the fire wall and snowball, because wtf). If the effects are up permanently and also effected by the COE buff, that would be enough to make it interesting.