Season Theme is TERRIBLE

This season’s theme is more like a season’s meme. These random attacks do not do any damage to the enemies. I was farming some keys on t6 when I first got the laser breath. I had a normal death maiden in front of me. I channeled this breath for the entire duration and I am pretty sure that I could hear the death maiden laughing as though I was tickling her because she took very little damage, if any at all. A bit later on, I got the firewave and actually had enemies on the screen around it. I thought this would clear the trash mobs around it, nope it did nothing as well. The snowball also does not kill anything. The tornado seemed like it might have been doing a little damage, but I am not completely sure. The green meteor seemed to do very little as well.

The effects of all of these attacks are quite aesthetically appealing, but it does absolutely nothing in terms of assisting us in our pursuit of slaying monsters. I’ve played extensively since season 2 or 3 and cannot remember the last time the season theme (since it’s inception) was so lackluster. This could be the first time that it is just go and do the season journey and not play the season. A lot of my friends are saying the same thing.

Blizzard, please do something to change the season theme to something meaningful before the remaining players all find their way elsewhere.


I found season 18 and 20 to be worse since 18 was so awkward and annoying to use and 20 just didnt benefiting certain people as well as mostly only really affecting necro. I like the idea of this season but i hope they make it deal considerable damage as well as only go off if it will actually hit something.

While I do believe that the season theme is not incredibly impressive, I can’t say I’d call it terrible. At the end of the day, each successive season theme will be compared to everyone’s previous favorites. Personally I liked the robust nature of the universal cube slots so much that I believe it should be integrated into the core game play to keep more variation in build diversity available. I don’t hold this against the s21 theme though. It is a little boring, but remember for the longest time we got NOTHING for each season to spice it up. The rotation isn’t actively harming the game in any way that I can see, so I’d chock it up to an inoffensive pass and move on. I can’t agree with your stance that “the remaining players all find their way elsewhere” based on this alone. We are still getting 2 new sets, legendary power updates, and balances so there is much to check out regardless.


It is a regression. When the themes were introduced, I was a bit skeptical. However, I have found that I was always eagerly anticipating the themed season. My personal favorite was the free LoN rings. The current proposed theme provides NOTHING to the players short of an aesthetic (assuming you are still on the part of the map where the useless season buff occurred). Please let the players look forward to something beneficial.


I swear to God that the whole Diablo community is trolling me because I have not noticed these effects activating on my seasonal PTR character at all.

absolutely, I don’t notice them either lol

You must play a Seasonal Character. I think you must create one from scratch, 'cause I had some items in the mail, and that must be because the Seasonal necro I played for a while got transfered to non-season

They need to add a visual help, like a countdown icon when the next upcoming cast is gonig to be. And remove that unecessary screen/atmosphere change feature.

With the addition of what the S21 offers, they should also add CoE item as a passive community buff, so we can truly have a season of elements. Plus it would give most builds an extra jewelry slot in cube.


Raxxanterax posted his thoughts on the new seasonal theme at the 4:05 mark of the video. Raxxanterax and his team agree that the seasonal theme is useless.

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This seasons theme is terrible, it really doesn’t do anything. The snowball sure does some damage, the meteors do a bit of damage but if you’re running to the next spot or even trying to find any mobs at all and the ‘season buff’ does happen it misses everything totally and you simply have to wait two minutes for the next round and you don’t even know what you’ll get.

The “NEW” necro set. YAY A NEW NECRO SET YES OMG YAY ITS HERE OMG I CANT WAIT OMG “bone spear”… Another bone spear set, sweet thanks, we’ve needed another bone spear set.

The new Demon Hunter set, its bugged and very very under powered. It’s on par with the monk set Uliana which people don’t even use in solo’s at all and the people that do use it only use two-piece’s of it for ‘end game’ four player aka meta’s (which is a support class that just sits and heals).

I could go on and on about how bad this seasons theme is and how bad the sets are but so many people have posted about how bad they are i don’t need to.


Another popular streamer, Wudijo, also does not like the new seasonal theme.

Blizzard: Please do something ASAP. Thank you!


So far, my take on the season theme is mostly ‘meh’ except for one aspect: the horn. Dear God, get rid of that thing. I’ll be forced to play this entire season on mute if it left in. I can’t stand that thing.

Hahaha. The horn? I listen to music when I play, so I have no game volume on. The hits just keep on coming.

The seasonal theme is has no benefit, it is also too difficult to consider playing around with no value from it. its is too small, the effect is too slow, and it does no damage. Its only value is to work as a timer while you are in Grifts. Suggestions to fix would be maybe more effects like 5 snowballs instead of one with faster movement and ricochet. better damage to make it worth playing around.


Also who thought the game needed more visual clutter ?
Too many lights flashing on screen is blinding me.


They should have baked season 20 into the base game.


Mistic season: this season mistic will roll 2 diferent atribute from every item instead of just 1

Zodiac season: every skill reduces 1 sec global cooldown on every hit

Legendary season: only legendaries will drop ( set items not included )

without effort 3 seasonal themes better than this awkward random enviromental effects hitting nothing while we move among the mobs… the only real effect i felt on the current ptr seasonal theme was aditional lag.

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Besides the lack of Damage of Season 21’s Theme effects, I find the activation every 2 minutes annoying. My timing sucks. The effects seem to activate at the oddest times. (Like just after a battle and all the monsters in that area are dead).

One of the funniest experiences I’ve had so far is teleporting back to town just as the Theme activates Diablo’s Red Lightning Hose. It’s the only effect (that I’ve noticed) that follows you back to town. So, there I am, running around town trying to salvaged items and I’m blasting everyone with this effect.   (Of course, no one’s taking any damage, but it’s still funny).

I think it would be better if the Damage was increased to be more beneficial at higher Game Difficulties. And, instead of activating every 2 minutes, activate only during attacks with 2 minutes between the ability to trigger another effect. So, if you’re not attacking monsters, the effect won’t activate even if 2 minutes has passed. If 2 minutes or more has passed when you begin attacking, then an effect will activate.

(Just my opinion.   )

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Agreed. Would give players more custimization and more fun on top of other seasons.

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I absolutely loathe having to wait for Nev or one of the other brainlets to make a post about “feedback from the community about how underwhelming the season theme is”.
Do us, and yourselves a favor, and either:

  • Buff this theme to the damage numbers we saw in Season 19

  • Flat out just reactive season 19 theme


  • Just scrap it all together and give us double goblin.

Please note that either of the three aforementioned is a better idea than what you currently have going. I’ve been playing PoE pretty exclusively but was planning on coming back to play with some friends this season. With the current state of affairs, I’ll catch you guys on Wraeclast!

We’ve already seen how true to your word you are (aka “botters’ time is coming”), so instead of letting us down for the millionth time, sit up in your chairs and do something about this. I’ll admit, if I was getting paid the blizzard bucks to beat a dead horse with D4 on the horizon, I wouldn’t have put much thought in to this either. Unfortunately, I play these games (unlike, I would guess, all of you do) and if you’re going to completely ruin the game 21 seasons in, just moonlight it and be done with it.