Season Starting Time for Console is different to PC

For anyone wondering on Console the Season starts for all regions at the same time unlike PC.

The start time is 5pm PDT thus you need to convert that timezone to your own.

For easier method simply using the “NA Countdown” timer here:

My start of the season has been a total bust.

Talk about zero luck. So it either wait until Monday to try again or take the ultra long solo grind to 70.

1.5k posts and you’re just noticing this now?

i mean this with as much kindness possible - do less posting and play more.

Dude’s giving a head’s up to people who may not know…

33 posts, constant whining: how about no more posting until you’ve grown out of that?

Clearly you are new here.

Lots of people query why Console Season did not start at the same time as PC in EU regions. I was merely stopping the inevitable posts as to that query.

It’s called being a community, by being helpful etc. Something you have in your 33 posts showed zero understanding for.


Indeed, like these threads from EU forums…

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It started on time on PS4 but not the other two. So this was a totally legitimate thread. Some people are just too immature for their own good.

oh yeah, soo sorry i don’t have 1.5k plus posts, dude.

I’m sorry I’m not peeing tine away on the forums like you do so often.

sorry i actually have played the game and don’t have the memory of a goldfish.

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The opening post isn’t aimed at people familiar with the game and the fact that the start times for console isn’t regional but global. As you can see from the two threads I linked to earlier, there are still EU players, fresh to the game, that expect the console season to start at the EU server start time because they’re in Europe. The opening post was aimed at players like that.


Just because I dont waste time posting 24/7 doesn’t make me, nor anyone else a “troll”.

Blizz posts times AND time zone the last few seasons started.

Not my fault you lack the ability to look up time zones, do math for hour difference, etc.

Hope to see you jesters complain come the start of S27 because you’re still unable to grasp the concept of time zones and hour differences.

For the PC version of the game, they post the start time / time zone for the EU, US and Asia regions, i.e. 17:00 PDT, 17:00 CEST, 17:00 KST.

However, the console version of the game does not have staggered regional start times. Seasons on console start at exactly the same time world-wide, and that start time matches the US server region’s start time, i.e. regardless of where in the world you are, if you’re playing on a console, the start time was 17:00 PDT.

The confusion comes from the fact that the blog gives the staggered time / time zones, based on region, and the console owners in EU assume the season will start at 17:00 CEST and post threads asking why the season hasn’t started, and that’s because it’s still hours away until 17:00 PDT.

This could all be avoided if the season start blogs included a single line saying that the console start time is the same world-wide, and it matches the US server start time.

The blogs used to specify this. I have no idea why they stopped doing so.