Season of the cow stick

best way to get vision rifts i found is to pop a cow stick run the cow level as soon as a vision rifts pops up run it then go back to cow level after it closes i have had up to 3 vision rifts pop up]doing this

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Good to know it has some niché. Since Altar is in the game we had infinite stack of Reflections so I started to doubt that Bovine Bardiche has any use.

My Demon Hunter will have to start crafting some Rare Sovereign Bardiches to upgrade.

Thanks for the tip!  

Silly me forgot another vision can spawn in the area if the first one closes. Luckily I have only used two of them and the second one went almost the entire damn thing before the vision spawned.

I have had some terrible luck with them. Saturday I finished a whole set of all 5 act bounties, then a round of Darkening of Tristram, Halls of Agony, Temple of the Firstborn and Fields of Misery and didn’t get a single one.

Honestly the biggest tip I can give anyone this season is start farming the staff as soon as you can easily farm t16. I’ve done sooooo many visions this way I’m swimming in mats bot ssf and ssfhc. At one point during the gibering farming i was almost too tired to go into another portal.

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Last season, after gearing up my FotH sader and dropping plenty of bovine bardiches, doing cow levels was the easiest way to find fissures.

Normally I don’t enjoy doing cow levels… Fissures changed that around.

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That’s funny. With my demon hunter I get most times only two Visions with the occasional third. While using a Crusader Akkahn I put together just for the hell of it, I’d get 4 pretty regularly with the occasional 5th.

I think it also has to do with your speed through the Cow Level. My GoD DH, I think kills too many mobs too quickly so it doesn’t spawn that 4th Vision, while my Crusader going at a slower pace allows the Visions to pop more frequently.

Also, if you’re playing a DH, if you want more chances at Bardiches through crafting make a level 1 Crusader and craft them with that. The Crusader only has three Polearms in its drop table through crafting and one of them is the Bardiche. While DH’s have 5 or 6.

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You might have killed a mob you had already passed and spawned a portal behind you which you didn’t notice.

I’ve done dozens and dozen of act bounties this season, and have yet to have an act where I didn’t get at least one. I usually get 2 or 3 and sometimes 4 if the 5 bounties are monster dense.

I do play GoD which kills everything on the map, so my monster counts are high. If you are playing a build that doesn’t kill most mobs, that could be a problem too.

Could be, I almost always miss the little message so could have missed the arrow in bounties.

I was playing Raekor’s in T16 then as well so not automatic screen explosion like GoD can do.

Or I was just super unlucky. But that seems like next level bad luck so you could be right.

I have actually zipped by several portals before since GoD kills everything. I noticed, though, you get a little arrow on the mini map like the bounty arrow that points back to the Vision portal. The other thing I do to not miss them is to take a quick peak at the map before I tele to the next bounty or area I want to farm for portals.


That would be 5. There are only 5 Legendary Polearms in the entire game.

I usually have my Demon Hunter craft 20 Sovereign Polearms and upgrade them in the Cube. I end up with at least 1 of all 5 Legendary Polearms with 1 to 3 of them being Bovine Bardiches.

I did not believe you, so I put it to the test. I created a Level 1 Crusader, had her craft 20 Sovereign Polearms and upgraded them to Legendary.

Instead of creating a male Barbarian to craft items for Kormac I’ll create a male Crusader instead. (In future Seasons). I’ll let him craft for my Templar and get my DH some Bovines.

I know there’s one Class that cannot upgrade to Bovine Bardiches, but I don’t remember which one that is. (Probably the Barbarian).

So, thank you for the tip. It’s going to make a significant change in my future D3 gaming routine.  

Now…   if you’ll excuse me…   I have to get back to my Crow Sandwich.  


You’re welcome. It’s wise to not believe everything you read on the internet even if you believe the person to not have a reason to lie. lol


I feel like this might be a dumb question, but wouldn’t it be most efficient to just constantly craft cowsticks instead of running around the world looking for visions like normal? Or at least equally effective?

I can’t remember crafting/upgrade costs at all right now, but taking that example above means you lose 20 craft/upgrades worth of mats to get 14-21 Visions. I use 14 because I feel like I usually get two from the level but others say 3 is the average. I have gotten 2 Visions from a single try in other areas but generally not and it feels like I usually waste time if I am looking for the second one unless it is really early on in the area.

If you craft a whole bunch at once wouldn’t it at some point end up as an overall time saver over going to an area and looking for a vision and probably only find one then another area etc? If you take crafting time plus time spent running around per Vision spawn plus game restart time at some point it will also overcome the extra mats used.

Also, is it just me or does Fields of Misery feel like a crap place to look for Visions? I used to do massacre leveling there years ago so assumed it would be a good spot but doesn’t feel like it.

Act III most of the right-side of the map seems to pop them for me. 3-4 per game.

Cost of Crafting Sovereign Polearms

Amount Currency
15 Reusable Parts
15 Arcane Dust
15 Veiled Crystal
1000 Gold

Cost of Upgrading Sovereign Polearms

Amount Currency
50 Reusable Parts
50 Arcane Dust
50 Veiled Crystal
25 Death’s Breath

In my test I posted above, I crafted 20 Sovereign Polearms, which yielded 7 Bovine Bardiches. That left me with 13 Legendary Polearms I did not need and therefore salvaged.

Total Cost for 7 Bovine Bardiches:

Amount Currency
400 Reusable Parts
400 Arcane Dust
400 Veiled Crystal
500 Death’s Breath
20,000 Gold

Salvaging the 13 Legendary Polearms yielded a minimum of 13 Forgotten Souls. (I don’t remember if any of them were Ancient. Maybe 1 or 2).


The first Not the Cow Level I ran did NOT spawn a single Visions Portal. The next one yielded 1. The 3rd one spawned 2 Visions Portals. I still currently have 4 Bovine Bardiches stashed and have not crafted more.

This was all done on Torment 16 Game Difficulty.


You got some bad luck on those cow runs.

In the last three I’ve run…

The first yielded 2 Visions. The first was a 3 floor one and the second had 14 Floors.
The second yielded 3 Visions. A 10 floor one, a 12 Floor one and an 8 floor one.
The third yielded another 3 Visions, A five floor one, a 10 floor one and another 14 floor one.

These are usually how these go for me, in that for every short one I get, I usually get at least one with around 7 floors and a really deep one. Which is where I get my rough estimate of about 3 full packs of items on nearly every Cow Run.

Most of my primals have come from Visions, but that’s because I don’t run speed Grifts. I only run GR 150’s with some light fishing which get me 4 paragon levels a run. I’m sitting at something like 2525 paragon and getting to 2550 will put at 4950 when season ends and the paragon rolls over, so I’m not really doing any paragon farming.

I run Visions for keys (supplemented with regular rifts until I get around 20 or so) and items which means I run about 2 Not the Cow Levels before jumping in Regular Rifts and the fish for a decent 150, running anywhere from 3 to 6 of those in 20 keys and repeat the process.

Wizard. Oh, how I’ve struggled it .
Crusader is the best class for crafting.

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