Season 31 Challenge Rifts Bug?

Can’t set Challenge rift to public, is this intended or a bug?

Just did it solo and the cache not appear in message.


The previous challenge rift of Monk immediately “expired” the cache. About 10 minutes ago Blizz pulled a fast one and replace the Monk one which was doable with a piece of $^&* WD one.

Blizz are you trying really hard to piss people off when about the only time people really care about the challenge rift you F it up big time.

Perhaps the saying of “don’t attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence”.

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The Challenge Rifts change on Monday…

And yesterday was Monday.

    Challenge Rift 355 was a Monk build.
    The current Challenge Rift 356 is a Witch Doctor build.

Are you sure you weren’t trying to do the Challenge Rift right at the time they were switching from 355 to 356?

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Ive never seen a cache “expire” as you say. If you do more than one they just queue up in your mailbox.

Sounds like user error to me.


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