Season 30 - Redemption of the Crusader!

Please. We had by far the worst seasonal theme in season 27. Give us a bone!

AoV - include FoTH in the 2pc set bonus - buff Darklight to 2000% and revert the nerf to Norvald set and add the season 27 power to it.

SoTL - fall on your sword already and remove Falling Sword. It simply does not work for the build. Shield Glare is a great substitution. (Even if it is just for a laugh - light/glare - haha) The build needs so much more but a great start is removing that heinous skill.

I know Witch Doctors need some love but that would require much more effort. Although, it would be greatly appreciated as well.

I ask for the community to come together and offer other ideas and hopefully we (Sader/WD’s) can receive a little attention in this patch.

I would like to focus this topic solely for Crusaders and proposed changes to better our D3 experience. Please add any and all ideas that come to mind. Thank you all.


They need a massive rework for shure. But they easly could have given just a dmg buff on some sets and be done with it, for this seson(s28). Same for Saders.

FS is not that bad of an idea, but it would be better if you coulf keep up the dmg buff more constantly, so if you could jump around more constantly, and the landing would be much faster, so monsters don’t move out of the targeted area that much, it would allready be much better. But the set over all needs a dmg buff too for shure.

How about we just pick up our pithcforks and torches, and strat yelling and cussing?

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Bro the game is dead, no one cares. D4 in 5 months lol.

For the mentally challenged, maybe.


Good call Sir, the speaking for everyone really gives it away.


Buff Akkhan 6 p(1500%→2000%),Akkhan Phalanx Avatar’s performance is lower than our expection.

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Name your Sader JJLensFlare.

WD needs to be removed and substituted with the Druid. Perfect timing too since D4 is right around the corner.

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If that is what it takes for the change to happen… DONE


The more I think about it, I would gladly pay for a Druid class pack like they did with the Necromaner… Are you listening Blizzard, make some money!


Now there’s a much better idea.

WD was a wasted opportunity. Could have been good and UNIQUE class, but wasn’t.


I would be more than happy to buy a Druid DLC for D3.


D3 is dead so bring on D3.5 with the same problems

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I think if they tried and take their time they can at least buff one build from each class type after PTR feedback collected. Perhaps they would be reluctant to buff and promote a damage over time stacking class like Witch Doctors until a rework at next Season, but I have a belief that they could try and buff Crusaders abit at least.

That might work.

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As you’re the creator of the thread, yes, there is. Go back to your opening post and underneath it click the little blue pencil icon to enter Edit Mode. In the Edit window, at the top-right of it, you’ll see a drop-down, click that, select the forum you want the thread to be moved to, and click Save. That’ll move your opening post, and all the replies, to the forum you selected.

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Buff Rolands. Add damage, add blessed shield to it, make the defensive buff a single hit to max out the damage reduction and attack speed. Other sets do their buffs in a single hit.
I want to play shield bash so slap the piro-marella effect into Drakon’s Lesson or something else the build uses. Drakon’s Lesson needs to be changed to first 3 mobs hit instead of only 3. Buff shield bash runes so choice of damage instead of only 1 target pound.
Give Sweep side some buffs as well.
Rolands has been the set that has seen no changes the longest and is way behind to the point it was ignored over making a brand new set in previous seasons. Please give it some buffs so its running in A Tier for this final season of insanity.


Completely on board with those changes to Roland’s items. I would adjust 2 things though, first do not add blessed shield to it. I feel that would fit better into the SoTH set. And second, I feel the damage of the set bonus needs to be increased as well. The combining items does help overall but I think it would still be low on the damage side. Of course the numbers would be tested in a PTR but excellent suggestion none the less Sparhawk.

Sorry missed that part, lol. Got caught up thinking about those items combinations, very good idea.

SoTH - replace Falling Sword with Shield Glare - update Faithful Memory to Shield Glare and add the power of The Final Witness
2pc - updated to Shield Glare
4pc - updated to Shield Glare - increase the bonus to 70% and duration to 20
6pc - increase bonus to 30000% - replace Falling Sword with Blessed Shield

LoD BS - add legendary power to Vigilante Belt - 500% damage to Blessed Shield and
50% DR for 8 sec when you hit at least 1 enemy with Blessed Shield
Increase Gryfalcon;s Foote to 500%
Increase Jekangbord to 500%
Change Akkhan’s Manacles to the first 3 enemies hit and add Blessed Hammer

Just some ideas! I’m sure you guys have some too.

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I likey, give me more! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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AoV - I agree with darklight getting a buff to 2,000%, for the 2pc bonus including FOTH, they could just increase the damage bonus on Khasset’s cord of righteousness to 400-500% and that would be easier coding for them. I disagree with reverting the norvald set, I dislike casting FOTH so slowly. I would love for darklight to actually be equipped, or another 1 hander equipped. I believe just those 2 changes alone would bring FOTH playstyle of AOV up to par with other builds.

SoTL - I played SoTL the first season it came out and pushed into top ranks during the first month, falling sword works for the build style IMO. But there’s no chance they change Falling Sword being the activation for increased damage. What STILL happens with Falling Sword though, is that you can STILL die while your character is in the Falling Sword animation and you’re unable to potion or do anything, that needs fixed somehow first. Secondly, increasing the bonus on Faithful Memory (Each enemy hit by Falling Sword increases the damage of Blessed Hammer 60-80% for 10 seconds. This effect stacks up to 10 times) should be increased to 100-120% and increase SoTL set to a 20,000% bonus to Blessed Hammer, up from 15,000%. Or change Johanna’s Argument to 200%, up from 100%. Cam’s Rebuttal’s legendary affix should be applied to Faithful Memory or to SoTL set itself. Freeing up Cam’s Rebuttal for some other cool legendary affix, as it is NEVER used in any build. OR increase the Falling Sword damage on SoTL set to 15,000% (20,000% if changed) like Blessed Hammer is, and change a few support legendary items to buff Falling Sword, creating a new playstyle.

These are suggestions I would use to fix both sets and give them some options.


While we may disagree on the Falling Sword skill, we can agree that if it does stay, it needs a lot of work. Speed up animation for starters, and much more after that. Thank you for your contribution, much appreciated. Let’s BE HEARD!


Another thing I would change, is the buff from Faithful Memory resetting when you hit other mobs. If you have 10 stacks of the buff, but refresh your damage reduction with Falling Sword on 3 mobs, the 10 stacks of buff are replaced by 3 stacks of the buff. It’s a pseudo-built-in-self-nerf that completely ruins the set and the idea behind Faithful Memory’s legendary affix. I think if THAT ALONE was fixed, the SoTL set would be in a better place by 1-2 GR’s. Recasting Falling Sword should extend your current buff, not completely reset it.

I actually addressed this exact point when the SoTL set was released, but it fell on deaf ears. It’s kind of sad to me that it’s never been fixed in the almost 8 years the set has existed.



Join the movement! :smiley: