Season 28 WoL build

Hello guys! I wanted to ask how difficult is the WoL build to play and also how hard is it to gear? Wanted to main Dh but with the new Nats build i won’t… So i need a super fast build for farming (Innas) and an S Tier build for pushing but i never played WoL and i read that it is a hard to play build. The other option is to go Wiz, but no fast build for farming… Thanks in advance!

The general gameplay is fairly straightforward, spam bells and manage your resource&cooldowns. The cooldown management is the trickier portion of the gameplay since most of your damage comes from Rabid Strike clones and if your Epiphany drops before you can refresh it, down goes your DPS. You’ll then also become squishier and susceptible to crowd control.

The trickiest part however will be gearing as you will need specific items with specific rolls and as ancient. This is a LoD build after all.

I know it’s a monk thread, but the Hydra build can farm T16 and Gr90 pretty quickly while Tal Meteor is one of the most powerful builds in the entire game.

LOD WOL is not a season starter build for a solo player, or anything approaching it. You will be using inna’s set or POJ for a long time farming up what you need. Even then, as said by others, this build is extremely dependent on proper cooldown reduction AND ancient versions of the appropriate items. Realistically, for a solo player, unless you are playing a crazy amount of nolife hours, you won’t be pushing with LOD WOL until a few weeks after season launch.

That being said, the build has received no nerfs outside of losing its S27 powers, but the S28 altar powers are quite good for this build. This includes the big toughness passives, the spirit (resource) on crit, and the 10 minute empowered shrine (with gloves of worship on follower) from the potion power.

Wish the best monk build wasn’t a caster build. Goes against class fantasy. I really love all the other builds, especially for speed t16/bounties/gr90s, super fun.

It’s very engaging to play and fun. Not the easiest but not the hardest. Main thing is timing serenity, remembering to activate air ally when resorce is low and keeping cyclone strike on enemies. Generally dash into mobs, serenity, cyclone strike, DPS for 4 seconds cyclone strike again and dash out and DPS from range as serenity on cool down. Repeat when serenity up again. That’s how I do it anyway

Id just slap a DH together for speeds and main a wizard though. I did manage a 139 on monk in a few hours from putting together on xbox but had tons of mats to forge gear and got lucky with ancients. Had perfect roll primal chest belt and Coe that I got lucky and dropped on other clases. Should be 5 tiers higher on pc I think as double damage doesn’t work on console and better density too

I haven’t played Monk this season, but is the node Omen negating the negative effect of stone gauntlets? If yes, and in conjunction with the other altar nodes and the cooldown reduction shrine, WOL seems significantly easier to play.

Yea omen works. Never had a problem with keeping epiphany up anyway though

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