Season 28 Start - ANZ times

Season 28 will be starting at the following dates/times:
North America: Friday, Feburary 24 @ 5:00pm PT

NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT: Saturday, February 25 @ 12pm
Qld: Saturday, February 25 @ 11am
SA: Saturday, February 25 @ 11:30am
NT: Saturday, February 25 @ 10:30am
WA: Saturday, February 25 @ 9am
NZ: Saturday, February 25 @ 2pm

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For those intending to start on Asia server, Season 28 will start Friday, February 24 @ 5:00pm KST = Friday, February 24 7pm AEDT / 6pm AEST / 4pm AWST / 9pm NZ.


Thanks for the timings Trep! Used to love the 6AM starts in Melbourne during lockdown as an early bird!

For anyone also saving the CR cache who would like to do a round of T1 bounties to upgrade the Blacksmith, etc. I won’t have time to blast all weekend but will speed through for starter set unlock.
Add me if you’d like to start S28 together, FleeToPray#1933


2pm for nz tht sucks

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Hey free. Iv sent u a request on bnet. Im russ1185. Keen to save cache. Im bitnof a noob to d3 but keen to geind stuff out.