Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary - Has Ended

Who? - signed Blizzard.

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even most builds that got buffed this season are not buffed enough:

  • barb: frenzy is only decent for farming still bad for pushing
  • monk: PoJ is good for farming but still only A-tier for pushing, raiment is still a joke
  • dh: God is good for farming now but also still nowhere near the best builds for pushing…UE multi probably the same
  • wiz: typhon also is now good for farming but overall behind for pushing

yes there are so many more builds that deserve buffs, but most buffs that we did get are half-a**

also rip sader…



  • Patterns of Justice (6-piece bonus):
    • Hitting with Tempest Rush while Sweeping Wind is active increases the size of Sweeping Wind as well and increases all damage dealt by 20,000.

Assuming this is a typo that slipped through and meant to be 20,000% and not just a static 20,000?

No damage reduction for the Raiment of a Thousand Storms set … I feel like there’s no developer playing Diablo 3 and this build.


So with the changes to the pylon potion node in the altar… is the fact that shrines only last for the floor that you are on, and then disappear considered a bug?. or working as intended?. can someone point me to the part of the post that addresses these shrines disappearing?

If they are indeed disappearing after just one floor, the best educated guess here would be that the greater rift “entry check”, which is performed every time a player enters the rift from outside or uses an exit to the next floor, is the culprit. Greater rifts were retooled shortly after they first launched to that external buffs would be wiped upon entering. It makes sense that the current developers might not have realized that and thus whenever you move to a new floor the external buff check is performed and wipes the shrine buffs since those are considered external to greater rifts as they do not naturally occur there.

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I kind of dislike how much sway the streamer crowd has over decisions taken. On the one hand they have definitely improved the game in many ways, but their ideas also don’t represent the entire playerbase. They’re probably just easy sources of info for devs.

Anyway, buff crusaders. They need a lil’ something at least.


Years of War and Dynasty (Hardcore)

Reach Greater Rift Level 55 Solo without the bonuses of six of the following Class sets.

Reach Greater Rift 55 Solo while using the full bonus from six of the following Class Sets


Thanks for completely ignoring crusaders, YET AGAIN… After shoving AOV down our throats for the past 6 seasons… great game development, much wow.

You’re all a joke and should be fired immediately.

Nope…they’re completely making the set useless and leaving it at 20,000 damage… :man_facepalming:

Yeah, that would be cool. I can totally do a 55 solo without the bonuses of 34 class sets in one run.

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Oh, the drama. There are 7 classes in the game. Just play something else this season.

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I mean i can simpatise, it’s sad that seaders getting the same treatment as WD. But i have never seen any WD main act out this bad.

Will the holiday gifts continue to drop in season 28?

No ( 20 characters )

Are you kidding about Sader? 4k para without any season buffs cleared 150. One of the strongest classes atm.

It’s literally been like that for the past 8 seasons… “just play something else” Nah…
How about, instead, we actually hold people accountable to do the jobs they were hired to do? How about that? How about we don’t completely ignore an entire class that exists within the game, that people actually enjoy playing, for over 2 years? You know, balancing a game? which is literally THE JOB OF GAME DEVELOPERS?


L M F A O - Ranked in last place of all 7 classes in all categories - source MAXROLL


The Staff of Herding materials, can you get them pre 70? Was thinking of farming them while leveling up if possible.

Edit* Never mind, it would be so slow without all that juicy movement speed etc.

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Yes, they have no set level on when they start dropping, you can even farm them from level 1 should you know where they spawn.

It’s usually the Gibbering Gemstone that drives people insane when it comes to farming for the staff… good luck.

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