Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary - Has Ended

Wasn’t expecting that really were we.


They just hate Crusaders.
End of story.
Last season all classes got 3 Kinda useful Powers.
Crusader got 2 ABSOLUTE Trash ones and the only Usable was FoH which made a speedfarming build even Easier to speedfarm.
The pushing was atrocious though…
Unless you like to pause the game with Escape every 2 seconds so you won’t get DC from the many Damage Numbers.
I think this is a nice buff to Crusader : Get PTSD and Epilepsy Class!But buffs ? NO!
They might as well Delete the class…
But i guess they did buff Crusaders…Not deleting the class is always Great News , i guess!!!


Bring back A6I2 Bombardment Crusader!


Guaranteed drops for tome , just wear your sets and enter the Royal Quarters inside Leoric Manors ,
Confirmed , you can do it in any torment level

I wonder what the bugfix of Seal V is about ? Cant remember any bugs with the globes.

Demon Hunter looks like the way to go for maximum fun.
Fast Spin-to-win XP build? √
New S Tier Build To Play √
Super Fast Key & Bounties √

Necro will probably be the best overall class though. With pass through, CC immunity and unlimited potions things will likely get out of hand quickly.

Wizard is probably have the most brute force / sheer power but honestly I don’t like playing them very much.

Always play a barb, lol.

Crusader? I might just make a clean break and delete them & their gear to make room for better options.

Witchdoctor? I AM THINKING ABOUT IT! :wink:

Monk? NOP

I heard they got nerfed.

Cause reading is hard?

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GoD DH has always been my favorite build. Glad it got some love. Too bad they removed strafe from spike trap build, but now I won’t be tempted to play it so there is that too.

If you are playing a ranged build, e.g. the DH Multishot, you would kill elite packs when they were off the screen, but the progress globes would not get picked up unless you moved close enough towards them.

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Proposing builds is better than sarcastically complaining.

I created 2 constructive proposals, but I’m not a Crusader expert:

Hope one of them might inspire Diablo 4 ?

Seriously, I was expecting at least a statement about this.


In my opinion, they just forgot that there is such a character as a crusader in the game, or they deliberately ignore him.


Based on the plethora of previous statements on the myriad of console issues?

Based on the fact that paet of the seasonal buff actively hurts console players


Even with the change to AC you’re still going to want to hit your potion on CD no matter what. AA & AB are situational so you’ll likely be wasting the power of those nodes for most of your playtime.

Nats re-rework doesn’t sound too bad but I wish they’d make chanon bolter pull enemies in and make spiked traps detonate on proximity after 0.5sec… this trigger mechanism is clunky. Inclusion of Caltrops will give Omryn’s Chain a use.

Now imagine if the set had auto firing sentries at the attack speed seen in the original M6 incarnation… we’d have a property traps build.

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Playing D3 since the release… so, I’m tired of “proposing” constructive ideas to be trampled by streamers garbage ideas that brought the class imbalance and game to its current state. I prefer to have fun… and be sarcastic is fun!


Finally a truly legendary season to start in D3 after all this time. What a time to be a gamer!