Season 27 notes for Barbs

Update: In the final patch notes they swapped the Guardian’s 2-piece and 3-piece bonuses. That means that Wastes can no longer use Guardian 2 + Coe.

I wanted to give a few notes on what I see as the lay of the land for Season 27. All of this, is, of course, subject to change, since final patch notes are not out yet.

First, I want to give a big shoutout to Kozmik and to Rob for their testing of both gameplay and mechanics, without which I would have no idea what was going on, since the terrible lag made me give up on the PTR on day 1.

A: Builds + Crucibles

1: LoD + IK HotA

Both of these builds are going to face a significant choice between using the WW (“infinite pulling”) power and the HotA (“Quad Hammer + Shockwave”) power. First, a few notes on how the shockwave works:

  • It doesn’t benefit from the HotA Fury-based CHC buff. That means that if you’re using it, you want to carry a lot of CHC on your gear.

  • It can crit, but it either crits everything, or nothing. In other words, if you hit 100 enemies with the shockwave, it will either crit all of them, or none of them. That probably means it also doesn’t work with debuff-based CHC sources, like Iceblink, though I am by no means sure about this.

  • Its damage is equal to 10x your direct HotA hits. And it procs every 10 uses of HotA. That means it significantly increases your direct damage (not quite doubles, since unlike your hammers it doesn’t have ~100% CHC, the actual increase is about 71.3%).

  • It has a proc coefficient equal to whatever HotA rune you’re using. That means 0.667 for all runes other than Rolling Thunder, which is 0.4. This means that it can proc AD and Bloodshed, and that you’re losing a good bit of Bloodshed damage if you take the Rolling Thunder rune.

  • It always deals Physical damage, no matter the damage type of your hammer. So if you are using the usual Smash (fire) rune, with CoE, you get one damage bump in Fire, and another in Physical.

With all that in mind, I think that the absolute maximum potential for both IK and LoD may come with the HotA Crucible, rather than the WW one. Using this Crucible power to its utmost will require a lot more fishing than using the WW one, since you’ll need to open a super-good (ideally single-floor) rift, where the density is already really high without you needing to pull it as much by yourself.

But, the “base” HotA setup invented by Kozmik is already pretty good at pulling mobs, and in density, those extra hammers + the shockwave mean you will probably do more than twice as much damage, since you directly hit with your HotA on mobs that are on all sides of you, which jacks up your Bloodshed damage, and you hit all those mobs with the shockwave too.

In addition, if you draw a really good boss, like Saxtris, this means you can kill him significantly faster, since ~71% more dps from the shockwave helps a good bit, and once he starts spawning adds, the extra hammers plus the shockwave will speed the kill up a lot.

All that said, the WW power is going to produce results that are FAR MORE CONSISTENT. If you want to get a good clear without fishing 1000+ keys for a Fields with Lacuni/Phasebeast, a Conduit, and then Saxtris + Power for a boss fight, WW is the way to go.

At the end of the day, both are good choices, but I think the HotA crucible is capable of producing higher clears at the top end.

2: MOTE Spinquake vs Leapquake

The best crucible for MOTE this season will be using the WW power. There’s a spinning-based EQ setup that’s been seeing some action in Season 26, and this setup is going to be MUCH more powerful in season 27. If you want to see the details on that setup, just check out the rank 1 NA clear snapshot by LebronJames.

Bottom line: WW to pull the whole map into one spot, burning them all down with EQs generated by Threatening Shout, cooled down by Zodiac. Leap only when needed, every 8 seconds, to keep up your MOTE(4) defensive bonus + you BoM. This setup bypasses a bunch of the “can’t-kill-the-boss” problem that Leapquake usually has, since WW stacks Stricken really fast.

For people who hate the way this setup plays, standard Leapquake will incorporate the WOTB (“Tempest Rhythm”) power. It turns out that this damage debuff is ADDITIVE, meaning that its impact is less than was previously though. Since standard Leapquake usually runs with 55-65% dibs, that means that the extra 100% from TR gives 60-65% increased damage. Of course, it only hits a small radius and doesn’t have full uptime (only about 33-37%, though this also overlaps WOTB being active, when you do more of your damage in general). So the actual damage increase is probably between 30% and 50%, or perhaps ~2.5 tiers worth of damage.

3: Wastes Rend

Classic Rend will have to choose between the WW power and the WOTB power. I think the WW power clearly wins here, since it lets you pull everything quickly without using Spear. Rend also carries a lot of Additive damage (~150%), meaning the WOTB power only adds about 2 tiers of damage, max. With WW, you don’t need to take Spear, so you can replace that with TS:Falter (more damage) or War Cry (more toughness). And if you want, you can swap out Stomp for either Leap or Charge, since you no longer need the grouping of Stomp.

Crimson-based setups will get a bit of a bump this season, since they can pixel-pull much better than usual with the WW power, plus they don’t need to take Spear, which allows for the use of War Cry, which will help to alleviate some of the squishiness problems usually associated with this setup. Much better pulling than normal, plus better survivability than normal, may be a recipe for Crimson setups to capture the Wastes crown this season. We’ll see.

4: H90 Frenzy

Poor Frenzy is in the worst spot out of all our builds. It can’t take the HOTA power since, well, it doesn’t use HOTA, and it can’t take the WW power because you don’t gain any damage by grouping enemies (and there’s also no room on the skill bar for WW). So that leaves it stuck with the WOTB power, which is not great since Frenzy carries a lot of additive damage (~150%). So that leaves you with roughly 50% uptime on 40% extra damage, though again, this overlaps with your WOTB itself, so the downgrade from not having 100% uptime is less than it might seem. Still, expect this build to gain only about 1-2 tiers worth of damage.

5: Raekor Boulder

Finally, we have Raekor. IMO the most powerful setup for this build this season, by far, will be using the WW Crucible. The damage of Boulder Toss / Bloodshed scales up so much with higher density that there’s a huge incentive to just spend a bit of time dragging the whole map into a corner where you can trigger boulder collision, and then just delete them all with a few tosses. The issue is: where to put WW on the bar?

I think that for lower paragon the optimal thing will be to skip Weapon throw and take WW instead. This will play fine for the bulk of the rift, and only cause a little trouble on bosses, since Charge is not that good at building either Raekor stacks or Fury vs single targets. But, not a big problem: you just need to save a pylon for the boss. And since WW:DD stacks Stricken super-fast, you can just build Stricken stacks on the boss for a while, then pop the pylon, and presto, you have a bunch of mobs to charge through to build up those Raekor stacks and Fury. Higher paragon players might opt to drop War Cry / IP instead, and hold onto Weapon Throw for easier boss fights.

It’s already clear that this setup works fine, since the Korean player Enryu used it for a good 150 in the first iteration of the Season 26 PTR, before they gave Weapon Throw the attack speed and Fury-generating abilities it has now. It’ll definitely be more fussy to play than standard Raekor, and boss fights without a pylon will be fairly impossible. But for top-end pushing, I see this as possibly the strongest Barb setup of Season 27.

I know that some people are predicting LoD HotA to be the top Barb build this season, but I’d frankly be a bit surprised if Raekor doesn’t come in on top again, especially if Enryu is pushing it (for those who don’t already know, in season 26 he did 150 with under 3.3k paragon).

For those who don’t feel like mixing spinning with their boulders, they can take the WOTB power. Raekor only carries about 30% additive, and has pretty good WOTB uptime, so it probably gets about +3 tiers of damage from this ability. Frankly, even this lesser Raekor setup might beat LoD HOTA this season, if enough talented players are pushing it. Raekor currently has about a 3.4 tier lead over HotA. If you add 3 tiers of extra damage to that, you get 6.4 tiers. Can either the WW or HotA crucible produce 6.4 extra tiers of power? Maybe… but maybe not.

B: The new Guardian’s Set

Unfortunately, this new set doesn’t synergize very strongly with most of our builds, but it will have a few uses, particularly at low paragon.

For Wastes Rend, at lower paragon, we will have the option to move Lamentation to the cube, replacing Mantle, drop Mortick’s, and run two-piece Guardian’s- Bracer and Belt. We can actually hold on to CoE instead of swapping to RoRG, since the main bonus for Guardian is on the 2-piece. As long as this set is giving us more than 25% total extra mainstat, it’s a damage gain versus Mantle. Defense-wise, it is a little bit of a loss, since we roughly double our Vitality, while losing a combined 62.5% mitigation from Mantle + Mortick’s. All in all, this is a solid option for lower paragon players who want to add a bit of damage. Once the value of that extra mainstat goes down to about 25%, though, going back to the regular setup, using Mantle + Mortick, is decidedly better.

With the update to Guardians, Wastes now needs to use RoRG to properly use this set. You can drop either Mantle (replacing it with Lamentation) and wear belt + helm, which gives more toughness, or drop Mortick’s and wear bracer + helm, which gives more damage. The former requires Guardian to give 87.5% mainstat to break even with the “core” build, and the latter setup requires you to get 50% mainstat to break even.

For H90 Frenzy, we can replace Aughild with Guardian, again at lower paragon. The only good way to do this is to continue with RoRG in the cube, and wear Guardian Bracer + Helm. If we try to wear the belt, we then need to move Undisputed Champion to the cube, and this displaces Depth Diggers, which doubles our damage. No good. As long as Guardian is giving you more than about 55% extra mainstat, it probably outperforms Aughild. Yes, Aughild’s total 1.69x multiplier vs elites is better than 1.55x from mainstat, but in most fights, you have a mix of trash and elites around you, and because of the way the Bastion’s chain splits up your damage, the value of the elite damage on Aughild is diluted somewhat. Also, Guardian provides better survivability. Still, once Guardian gives you less than 50-55% total mainstat, it is probably best to swap back to Aughild.

For IK HOTA, we could theoretically swap CoE → RoRG and then wear Guardian Bracer and Bracer + Helm or Belt. This would be a damage increase as long as we get more than 50% extra mainstat from Guardian’s, and is basically a wash in terms of toughness, since we roughly double our toughness from extra Vit, then halve it by losing Mortick’s. The real problem is that this costs us our main source of healing, the huge 5k+ LPFS that we get from Mortick’s. Bottom line, this is probably not worth playing, since it combines only modest gains with a (probably) huge amount of frustration.

For MOTE Leapquake, we could drop Focus + Restraint, wear CoE + BoM, and use RoRG in the cube. This would let us wear Guardian’s Bracer plus Helm. As long as we’re getting 50% or more mainstat from Guardian’s, this is basically a wash for damage compared to Focus + Restraint. You lose the ability to wear Parthans for defense, but doubling your Vit should help you stay alive. You’ll want a good source of healing to go with that extra health, which means taking BR: Swords to Ploughshares rather than War Cry. You can also swap Leap:Death from Above to Leap: Call of Arreat, which helps with grouping mobs. Once you get less than 50% total mainstat from Guardian’s, though, you’re better off going back to Focus + Restraint.

For Raekor Boulder, we really don’t want to use Guardian at all, since we get a TON of value out of Crimson. Not only does it help with cooldowns and provide more damage, it also doubles the effect of our Relentless passive, which helps us stay alive at low life and leverage the missing life damage bonus of the 4-piece.


Thanks for the recap.

I wanted to try out Raekor this season, but it’s look like I’m going hammer time again just to have fun with the new power.


Cheers Rage. A lot there to digest but very informative.

The HotA 4 way hit and shockwave is very HC friendly with a dash of Life on Hit.

The WW pull was insane fun on PTR and actually brings a smile while playing. I think a ton of Barbs are going to like this sanctified power.

The tempest rhythm power feels odd. Something is not right with it. Given barbs have 2 decent powers then I guess we just get one sucky one. I wish the power gave a bonus to reduce WotB as well as the tempest rhythm but yeah that never made it.

One thing I never tested was the Tempest Rhythm and 2 pce of H90. The power feels like a shout and I’d be keen to see if the 2 pce bonus worked on it - ie double the effectiveness of your shouts. Probably doesn’t but I never got to test it. See what S27 does.

Again, nice write up Rage.

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Goofing around doing 130s Reakor was the easiest clear for me. The wotb power is only noticeable if you pop it perfectly (you at low life, on top of what you want it to hit). I did 130 w.o any angelic power & no real difference.

The WW reakor will be total cheeseball fish fest.

Sticking with hota for hota & ww for ww.

Honestly the only not fun aspect of hota is the boss fight and the hota power speeds it up.

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In ref to WW w/Guardian: wouldn’t a better trade to include the guardian set be swap COE for RoRG and cube lamentation thereby losing mantle? (Note: Guardian in Head and Belt slots) Isn’t losing a CoE + Mantle better than losing a Mortick + Mantle (assuming full uptime of WoTB)? I think it is.

And, if so, then the trade is CoE (+50% damage) and Mantle (+25% damage/-25 damage taken) vs +100% Str & vit + 15-20% ranged damage reduction and 10-15% melee damage reduction? I’m thinking at low to mid para level (that is all I ever reach) Guardian would be superior.

Any thoughts on this?


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Hey Windfoot, good questions.

So, at 0 paragon, and with no augs, Guardian is clearly the best of the 3-piece sets, since it just about doubles your damage, and gives you a bunch of toughness too. But that dominance starts to erode as soon as you start gaining very much paragon, or laying in augments on your gear, since Guardian doesn’t work on paragon or augs.

You could indeed keep Mortick’s, cube RoRG, cube Lamentation, drop CoE, drop Mantle, wear Guardian Belt + Helm. You would be quite tough with this setup, and damage would be just a hair better than Mantle + CoE, when you are at that “0 Paragon / no Augs” mark.

Mantle’s 25% + CoE’s 50% gives a combined 87.5% extra damage, so as soon as the value of the extra mainstat from Guardian’s drops below 87.5%, you are losing damage when compared to the regular “core” build. Of course, if you never go above 800 paragon, or aug your gear, then that point will probably never come.

Of course, you would do a good bit more damage if you just wear Guardian Belt + Bracer, drop Mortick’s, and keep CoE in the cube. Whatever value you’re assessing for Guardian, whether that’s +100% damage, +85%, +50%, or any other figure, is going to be the same whether you’re using Mortick’s or CoE, so adding CoE on top of that is a straight 50% damage boost.

Anyway, to review briefly:

Guardian Belt + Helm + RoRG + Mortick’s = The tanky setup.

Guardian Belt + Bracer + CoE = The damaging setup.


Hello, thank you for that insight!

Are you sure Guardian doesn’t effect the gems in Chest/pants? I wasn’t on the ptr but to my understanding it did. There have been discussions on whether that was a bug but I don’t think it is…I think that is as intended. The wording is “equiped items”…when I go on a hike I equip my backpack…when I add a compass by tying it to my backpack I am equiping a compass. They could have used the term “gear” if they wanted to exclude gems.

The following is based upon the guardian set effecting gems in items…if, in live, it doesn’t then the following discussion is moot and I agree with everything I am responding to:

I agree the mortick version is tankier. So, how about we trade off the “tankiness” returning the tankiness close to the base build and instead increase damage? If you replace diamonds with rubies you lose 390 all resist (which admittedly is a ton) and instead you get 2800 str or the equivalent of 560 para levels + 2.8% ranged damage reduction (aren’t most elemental attacks coded as ranged attacks so this would help a little to offset the diamonds?)

Clearly it is a significant boost to damage at low/mid para levels. But I don’t have the equations to compare the damage reduction. How does 390 AR compare to 2,800 armor + 2.8% ranged damage reduction at low/mod/high para levels? (this is where the Int classes have an advanatge with this set…using topaz can give them damage and resistance)

Additionally, this season (S27) I understand the WW power greatly reduces the need for defense. So, this might work for this season but not in NS or future seasons.

And, I usually end the season between 1k - 1.5k para which is end game for me…I realize for you end game probably is 5k+ or at least 3k+

I guess what I’m saying is in the CoE set up you’re losing the 3-piece bonus of guardian, 50% DR from mortick and LpFS from mortick. So you gain 50% damage but lose 50% DR, LpFS, 15-20% ranged damage reduction, and 10-15% melee damage reduction. But by using Rubies you reduce your DR back close to the CoE version baseline but have more damage than the CoE version. Is there faults in this logic?

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Nope, I’m definitely not sure one way or the other. I could see it going either way. D3planner currently doesn’t give the Guardian’s multiplier to equipped gems, but that may well just be a guess on the part of its programmers. We’ll have to see how it shakes out when the patch goes live.

It varies.

Ranged affixes are: Fire Chains, Electrified, Frozen Explosion, Jailer, Mortar, Thunderstorm.

Melee affixes are: Frozen Pulse, Wormhole, Arcane, Desecrator, Frozen ground effect, Molten, Orbiter, Plagued, Poison Enchanted, Vortex.

Ok, let’s see.

With all non-ancient gear, but with good rolls, you are likely to have about 14000 mainstat with Guardian’s equipped. Gaining 5 doubled Rubies would take us to 16800, a 20% increase in our damage.

Our armor (factoring in bonuses from Istvan, Taeguk, and Paragon) would go from about 28000 to about 33000.

28000 armor gives 28000 / (28000 + 3500) = 88.89% mitigation.
33000 armor gives 33000 / (33000 + 3500) = 90.41% mitigation.

So that’s 1 - ((1 - .9041) / (1 - .8889)) = 13.68% more mitigation.

And that same non-ancient gear, with good rolls, will give us about 718 in each resistance (this is assuming enough paragon to pick up the 250 points of allres in the “Defense” category).

718 allres gives 718 / (718 + 350) = 67.23% mitigation.

If we had diamonds instead, we would have 1108 in each resist, which gives 1108 / (1108 + 350) = 75.99% mitigation, which is 1 - ((1 - .7599) / (1 - .6723)) = 26.73% more mitigation.

1 - ((1 - .2673) / (1 - .1368)) = 15.12% overall mitigation for the Diamonds.

So the Diamond → Ruby swap basically lets us pick up 20% more damage at the cost of about 15% mitigation. Yes, there’s a little Ranged reduction in there too, but frankly, most of the stuff that will really kill you is Melee damage.

And, 20% more damage is still less damage than the 50% you get from CoE.

So, the most damaging setup (at lower paragon) is still going to be Guardian Bracer + Belt plus CoE (and hell, if you want to go a bit glassy, you could run Rubies with that, too).

And tankiest would be Guardian Belt + helm with RoRG, with Diamonds, while running this setup with Rubies kind of splits the difference between the two other setups. Ultimately it pretty much just comes down to personal preference.

Nah, I only have about 4200 paragon in Non-Season! Most I’ve ever picked up in a season is about 2200 (at about 2100 in the current season).


Thank you very much for that discussion! It was very helpful.

I see it as having 2 choices:

  1. To use Guardian or to not use Guardian…that is the question!
  2. Use diamonds or rubies in gear

1a. Another aspect which we haven’t considered is the amount of item rolls it frees up. Using Guardian you double your heath pool (I’m assuming you aren’t using para or aug to increase Vit). This allows you to roll off some of your Vit to a more damaging statistic and still have an acceptably large health pool. I would say 3-4 rolls (shoulder, chest, glove, weapon…still leaving Vit on helm, bracer, belt, pants, boots) would still see an increase in health pool with Guardian but make a noticeable difference in damage. This advantage would carry over through all paragon levels (but mostly at low/mid levels). Looking at the WW/Rend guide, at high para, Vit is suggested to be rolled off to be replaced with damage rolls. This would allow low para characters to start doing that from the start and get even more damage to help them farm para/gear. This advantage is present whether using the CoE or Mortick version of Guardian WW.

2a. Rage, I agree with your assessment and if I had to go one way or another I would go diamonds (ty for doing the math !). Fortunately, we can always have a mix. And, a large health pool increase effective health. So, I think starting with one or the other and replacing them with the other as needed is the way to go.

I’ve heard Wudi state the sweet spot for switching out Guardian is around 2-4k para, depending on build. So it’s quite high imo.

I’m hoping they buff the WotB power otherwise. Something like doubling WotB duration or some Zodiac-ish effect could be great.

I’d still like to see it be WOTB applying a big debuff (maybe +200%, multiplicative) that only applies when WOTB isn’t active! That would be a really interesting mechanic that would be good for builds that can’t achieve perma-Wrath (especially Frenzy).

Well, let’s see… for Wastes, Guardian’s just needs to provide 25+% mainstat to outperform Mantle. And for MOTE, IK, and Frenzy, it needs to provide at least 50% mainstat.

For the GR clear adjustments that dmkt and I run, we assume that a player at 5000 paragon will have 35000 mainstat. That includes, gear, augs, paragon, the works.

And, depending on the particular build, and the particular rolls you’re looking for on gear, somewhere between 5000 and 9000 of that mainstat will come directly from your gear.

Here’s a little chart showing the higher and lower end of the gains you might see at various levels of paragon…

Paragon Mainstat Min gain from Guardian Max gain from Guardian Min multiplier Max multiplier
0 10000 5000 9000 1.500 1.900
1000 15000 5000 9000 1.333 1.600
2000 20000 5000 9000 1.250 1.450
3000 25000 5000 9000 1.200 1.360
4000 30000 5000 9000 1.167 1.300
5000 35000 5000 9000 1.143 1.257
6000 40000 5000 9000 1.125 1.225
7000 45000 5000 9000 1.111 1.200
8000 50000 5000 9000 1.100 1.180
9000 55000 5000 9000 1.091 1.164
10000 60000 5000 9000 1.083 1.150

At the top end of the chart, of course the difference between the min and max multiplier you might see are pretty large (1.9 is almost 27% more damage than 1.5). So, obviously, at lower paragon you would want to be prioritizing mainstat, sometimes at the expense of other damage rolls.


I think you are over thinking this. Rage has broken down the math and what you would benefit on the stat sheet. That is just one part of a bigger picture. The cooldown and resource you gain from the crimson set is much more valuable then the small damage bump you gain at low paragon. Without the extra cooldown from crimson it can be very hard to keep WOTB up 100%. Anytime WOTB in down you not only are now at a damage loss but most likely will die. Also when speed farming most builds use sprint. The resource cost reduction is very helpful with this ability. My advice is use the new build as an option and something new to play around with but it won’t be the best build even at low paragon.

You do know that for top-level pushing, Crimson is not currently used with Wastes at ANY level of paragon, right?

For speeds, sure, Crimson can be handy, and can be fairly competitive with Guardian’s extra damage and toughness.


Thanks for this thread, Rage. Been away from D3 for a few seasons so this was quite helpful in figuring out my build for S27. :+1:

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I understand the purpose of the chart is to illustrate how the power of the guardian set drops off as your paragon increases. However, I don’t think it illustrates how good the set is at lower paragon levels.

You get strength from leveling, gear, paragon, and augments. At paragon 0, all your mainstat would be double…by the definition of 0 paragon you get no strength from paragon and if you have an augment then you have to have run a GR/EN and would have some paragon. So, both the min and max case for 0 paragon would be 2.0x

Although I think the estimate of 10k mainstat at paragon level 0 is high (you could reach it if you use normal gems in the 5 chest/let slots)…but, that is some pretty good gear for paragon 0. However, that 10k mainstat at paragon level 0 would become the minimum gain for the rest of the chart for all paragon levels…presumably your gear would get better and better as you increase paragon and therefore the strength gain from that gear would also increase. (note: I realize at high levels of paragon you might roll off strength and thereby reduce the gain from guardians)

The spread between min gain and max gain would be much smaller and your expected gain would be closer to the max gain from Guardians at less than 2k Paragon. Lets look at the multiplier values of Para 0, 1k, and 2k with a gain of 10K from Guardian’s 2.0, 1.67, and 1.5. Rage, you mentioned Guardian’s needs to provide +50% damage and you will get that up to 2k paragon (for wastes you need 25% which you get up to 4k paragon ). However, this neglects the +100% in vitality. When you vitality is doubled, you don’t need vitality on as many pieces. Normally, builds don’t roll off vitality until high levels of paragon. However, with Guardian’s you can roll off the vitality on 3 or 4 pieces and still see an increase in health. These 3 or 4 extra damage rolls would extend the usefulness of Guardian’s to an even higher paragon level. So,

this is probably the earliest you would want to switch out Guardian’s

No… because of augs. I agree that having a ton of augs at 0 paragon is a small stretch, though not really if you are joining the season a bit later and running group ENs. Playing 100% SSF, by the time I had 800p I had enough augs for a full set of gear.

Not really- you already only carry vit in places you can’t get offense. If you roll off vit on helm, chest, pants, boot, bracer, etc, there’s no offensive roll to pick up there, other than ones you already ought to have.

How do you get Augs at para 0? Don’t you have to be level 70 to enter an EN? If you’re level 70 and enter an EN (and are successful) you will have paragon…if you run 13 ENs for Augs you will have many paragon (though I understand next season the exp will be nerfed)

I’ll use Free’s Zodiac/Rend guide as an example. The guide recommends: Shoulders: Vit → 15% Rend; Chest: Vit → 15% Rend; Gloves Vit/Str → 8% CDR/Area Damage; Weapons : Vit → Area Damage…those are 5 Vit rolls that can be re-rolled to damage stats. Rage, looking at your H90 guide I see your recommended stats on items already take into account of rolling off Vit. But, even there you mention that low paragon chars (below 2k) may need to use Str/Vit in place of damage stats. So, for a low paragon character, Guardian’s allows you to go for those damage stats without becoming a glass cannon.

I’m not sure what “100% SSF” means. But, if you’re able to have 13 augs at 800 paragon, you have a great group of friends/guild!

I look forward to messing around with the Guardian set next season (S27). Since my end game is below 2k paragon I think the set will help me all season :slight_smile:

Yeah, in next season 13 ENs will probably get you to maybe paragon 400 or so- the XP is being cut to just a fraction of what it is in S26 (to 17% of its current value, so 1 EN in S26 = about 6 ENs in S27).

Well, what I’m saying is that for people who are trying to play well, they will already have rolled those off as soon as they’re able.

Haha, well, SSF means “solo self found”, i.e. I play only by myself, with no help from other players. So nope, no guild for me.

One more thing I should mention:

So, Wastes needs 25%+ mainstat from Guardian only if still using CoE. If you are dropping CoE and keeping Mortick, then you need at least 87.5% mainstat from Guardian, or else you are losing damage. And this will only be the case at low paragon, with no augs.

I realize now there is yet another Guardian permutation you could play, which is to cube RoRG, drop Morticks, and then wear Guardian bracer + helm. This gives you more offense than CoE as long as you can get 50%+ mainstat from Guardian. And you keep the defense from Mantle in the cube.

This setup is less damage, but more tanky, than CoE + Guardian, and it is more damage, but less tanky, than Morticks + Guardian. In other words, it splits the difference between those two.

Welp, nothing got nerfed in the final notes. Barbs lookin good.

Welp, they switched the Guardian 2 piece and 3 piece. That means the Guardian + CoE setup for Wastes that I mention in the OP is no longer possible.

So the two remaining possibilities both use RoRG, and with one you drop Morticks, and wear Guardian bracer and helm, while with the other, you move lamentation to the cube, and wear Guardian belt and helm.