Season 27 end date announced

They just updated the post on the PTR.

Update on February 7 : Season 27 of Diablo III will end on February 19 at 5:00 p.m. PST.


About time, bring on S28 and the D4 open beta now.


Hehe I guessed right 1 month ago that S28 will start Februar 24th.
On the one hand I can‘t wait to blast last D3 Season before D4, on the other hand D2R & D3 season are only 1 week between each other.
So excited to see the final patchnotes of those 2 wonderful games :slight_smile:

This pretty much confirms then patch going live on 21st and S28 starting on 24th. Here’s hoping they don’t screw things up with the patch since the PTR is only 1 week long and ends today.


When did they say this?? Speculation or fact?

So there goes the 2 week notice i guess? Lol

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I wonder what this means in regards to the PTR. Is there going to be a second week of additional testing with new changes?

This season will be an awesome one… good seasonal “theme”… and leading up to D4, so much hype to build up as the season goes on!

Great, can’t wait for the 24th :slight_smile:

The season ending soon notice came on Monday, 13 days in advance… pretty close to 2 weeks if you ask me :wink:

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Normally, Season ends(this case Februar 19th).
Then the next Tuesday(21th) Patch will drop & Friday 24th new Season 28 start.
That was common in many previous Seasons. No need 2 weeks waiting time after a Season ends.


Speculation of course but the previous gaps between seasons have been mere 5 days.

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Hot fix is coming

On Sunday, the battlent launcher had the notification that S27 was ending soon. So Blizzard gave exactly two weeks notice.

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Did not see any post with dates and times though. Don’t think anyone cares at this point.

Most people probably can’t wait for s28… lol…

Wow that was fast. Seems like Season 27 just started. -:troll:


¿¿But when will S27 be permanent??

Finally it’s moving :metal:

O damn this is perfect for me.

My computer broke in beginning of December so have been starved for some D3 and I am so damn excited for the new season but I am getting it all fixed and back next weekend so gives me a few days to settle in and just as I have the opportunity to play some games again the season starts. Double excitement for me. I was dreading it when I thought it might start a week earlier.

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Any news of what will become of the enchanted items?