Season 27 - Don't give up on Inna's

What a great season so far. I have literally played non stop with only 5 hrs sleep and I have not done that since season 24. I started playing monk this season because I screwed up. I for some unearthly reason thought that the starter set was monkey garb, which would have been fantastik as a starter for the LOD WOL. Then I got hit with Raiments, and I felt like such an idiot, as if I had did my research before starting I never would have gone monk with raiment as the starter, and definitely would have gone DH. Luckily, I was able to scrounge an inna’s build quickly, and that got me started right away for my LOD gear. THE INNA’S STILL ROCKS as it is an excellent farming build, where I got my LOD gear in no time. I still use inna’s more than LOD because LOD sucks for farming and is only good for solo pushing. I still clear GR95 in a little over two minutes with Inna’s which is perfect for farming gear. Don’t abandon Inna’s, as it still has its purpose

Honestly Innas is really bad if you started as FOTH autobomber Crusader. Innas is not what it used to be and probably not even 1/2 as fast at GR90’s as Crusader.
I’m maybe half way to a LOD WOL set for my monk, but coming from the Crusader…this is just so bad. I actually came by this forum to see if anyone can recommend something faster. Innas is…it’s so bad.

Necro this 3 week old post with that terrible take. Innas is perfectly fine for t16 - GR100, ie quick farming for gear (what the OP was about)

If you cant make it work you’re doing something wrong.

No where did I say I can’t make it work. It’s just terribly slow vs FOTH Crusader. Don’t be passive aggressive, and no need to be rude. I didn’t notice the OP post was old, and it’s not a terrible take. FOTH Crusader is more than 2x faster. Innas feels like ZDPS and slow as a snail compared.

Yeah, this is ridiculous. If I felt like wasting my time, I would go run low content against your sader. Sader may be a little faster with the seasonal buff for fist of the heavens, but its not by much, and innas is probably the second fastest build in the game (with no seasonal buff necessary) after sader.

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haha. You serious? You’re doing something wrong if FOTH Sader is not 2x faster. Think about it for even 2 seconds. Innas is poo poo. Slow as a snail and only good for low GR.
I honestly can’t tell if I’m being trolled. This is like satire.

You are a troll, bye.

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So, went back to the water Inna and this build is so sh1t now, slow to kill bosses at T16 bounties. Yet, the meteor wiz can be the only DPS in a 3-4 man game at 150.

I still can’t believe the boot lickers can’t see the bullsh1t in front of time. LOL.

Inna was nerfed too much,plz buff Inna 6p from 900% to 1500% bounus in next patch.