Season 25 Start - ANZ times

Season 25 will be starting at the following dates/times:
North America: Friday, December 10 @ 5:00pm PT

NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT: Saturday, December 11 @ 12pm
Qld: Saturday, December 11 @ 11am
SA: Saturday, December 11 @ 11:30am
NT: Saturday, December 11 @ 10:30am
WA: Saturday, December 11 @ 9am
NZ: Saturday, December 11 @ 2pm

Blog: Season 25 | The Lords of Hell | Has Ended - Diablo III


Looks like Saturday night start for me then.

Wish they would change the times so r could start Friday night


This is incorrect. Not sure why this guy keeps posting this. They stated the season would start Friday 5 P.M. Asia (KST), 5 P.M. Europe (CEST), 5 P.M. US (PST). So you should be up and running Friday evening. give or take an hour depending on which time zone you are in. Asia is already up.

No, it’s not.

It’s because players from Australia / New Zealand typically play on the US server region and the times in the opening post are showing the Australian equivalent of the US region’s season start times.

As an example…


yep OP is correct. it is now 8am Saturday morning and when I tried to create a new seasonal character it told me the new season hasn’t started yet.

So why don’t we play on the Asian server? We’d start 18 hours earlier.

Thank you Meteorblade!

We have a Sydney server link to Americas, hence we can get Aussie ping on American servers. Plus more others (not ANZ) from Americas server speak English (official language ANZ), making groups easier from outside our region.

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Ah. You should probably clarify that you are only talking about the North American servers. The way you list it, it looks like you are talking about each time zone. My Aussie friends play Asia with me. It’s nice having almost a full day headstart. Good luck S25!

The Australian servers (Sydney based) are part of the Americas server group. This is also “us.forums…” Nothing is stopping anyone playing any other server, but yes our ANZ forum here is focused on where our ANZ servers are.

The blog post linked includes all region start times though (5pm KST for Asia PC and 5pm CET for Europe PC). Console timings follow the Americas region.