Season 25 Arachyr Set dungeon cannot be Mastered?

How to pass the Toad of Hugeness portion? Any suggestions?


The way I did it was crafting a level 50 weapon and equipping it, with Grave Injustice and as much CDR as you got, and spam it as much as you can. The timer is really generous in this dungeon so you shouldn’t be starved for time. Just remember to blast elites with Pirahanas and send your Queen over to it.

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Don’t use your follower. Cast toad and fall back so the enemies move towards you. Don’t rush. Maximize your cooldown so you can cast toad frequently.

Don’t forget to remove your gems from your gear and reset your Paragon’s, too. The trick is nerfing your damage and raising your cooldown percentage, and then maybe nerf your damage some more.