(Season 24) GoD6 DH - Unintentional Guide

Just tinkering around with “Maxroll.GG/D3Planner” as I like to do. But here’s my min/max setup I put together, based around P2000 and 13x130 augments and legendary gems.

Also included in the D3Planner should have my Enchantress build using “All Skills” token which should fairly easily survive GR130-140…Initially planned on including an explanation/guide for the Enchantress as well but I likely won’t do it at this point.

Of course everything in the saved D3Planner (linked above) will be near impossible to get, such as trying to get chill on shoulders and quiver, or slow on pants, or physical resist on everything possible… But hell, who knows, never know what “D3-RNG” is gonna give ya.

Below are Item Slots with Item/Stat Priorities. Also a few things to note:

  • Secondary Resists: Physical > Fire > Lightning > Arcane > Poison > Cold
  • You cannot have Resist to All and a Secondary Resist on the same item, only one or the other. So if you have Resist to All in primary, you cannot have a Secondary Resist as well, or vice versa.
  • Same as above, but with Life per Hit (Primary), and Life per Kill (Secondary), you can only have one or the other.
  • GoD6AA3: Gears of Dreadlands 6pc + Aughild’s Authority 3pc Hybrid. You must cube Ring of Royal Grandeur; equip Aughild’s Search (Bracers); and also equip either Aughild’s Spike (Head), Aughild’s Power (Shoulders), OR Aughild’s Rule (Chest).
  • GoD6AA3 is recommended for higher paragon (P3000-P5000+) since you would lose the damage reduction from Wraps of Clarity and also Elusive Ring (if you opted not to cube Convention of Elements).
  • Strafe% on Helm, Boots, and also Valla’s Bequest (If for whatever you aren’t using an Ethereal), is WORTHLESS…Hungering Arrow is your main source of damage.
  • Also, just to piggyback a bit off what DiEoxidE has theory-crafted and tested on 2.7.1 V2 PTR: As long as you have an Ethereal Buriza, Crit% isn’t as desirable as before. The Ethereal Buriza has a 35% chance to freeze affix, and that you also gain 100% crit against frozen enemies…And also coupled with Scoundrels Nights Veil ability makes GoD6 fairly easy to gear for this season. And even if you have no crit% on items, it’s only about 2-3 GRift levels weaker (Again, you need Ethereal Buriza and possibly a 25k Dex Scoundrel for this to work).

  • Buriza-Do Kyanon (Ethereal Ballista)
    • +517-876 Cold Damage
    • +75-100% Damage
    • +825-1000 Dexterity
    • Increases Attack Speed by 12-15%
    • +263-400 Armor
    • +150% damage to all Demon Hunter skills
    • 35% Chance to Freeze on Hit
    • Ignores Durability Loss
    • +1 to Maximum damage per Paragon Level up to 800
    • Hits against Frozen enemies are always Critical Hits
    • +1 Class Weapon Legendary Power
    • +1 Class Passive Power

  • HEAD
    • Dystopian Goggles
    • Aughild’s Spike (Notes below.)
      • Primary(4): Socket(1) > Crit > Dex > Vit > Life > AllResist > LpH > Armor > LpS > … (STRAFE% IS WORTHLESS)
      • Secondary(2): Resist > PuR > ExpPerKill > …
        • Aughild’s Spike: Requires cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur and equipped Aughild’s Search (Wrist).

    • Mechanical Pauldrons (Notes below.)
    • Aughild’s Power (Notes below.)
    • Mantle of Channeling (Notes below.)
      • Primary(4): AreaDmg > CDR > Dex > Vit > AllResist > Life > Armor > RCR > LpS > …
      • Secondary(2): Resist > Chill > PuR > ExpPerKill > …
        • Mechanical Pauldrons: Comes with AllResist, cannot roll Secondary Resist.
        • Aughild’s Power: Requires cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur and equipped Aughild’s Search (Wrist).
        • Mantle of Channeling: Requires cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur.

  • NECK
    • Squirt’s Necklace
    • Ess of Johan (Notes below.)
    • Hellfire Amulet
    • Flavor of Time (Usually equipped on Follower)
      • Primary(4): Socket(1) > Cold > CritDmg > Crit > Dex > AreaDmg > CDR > …
      • Secondary(1): Resist > RangedDmgReduction > MeleeDmgReduction > LpK > GlobeHealingBonus > ExpPerKill > …
        • Ess of Johan: Cannot roll Cold+Crit+Critdmg, best you can get is Dex+Crit+Critdmg or CDR+Crit+Critdmg.

    • Galvanized Vest
    • Aughild’s Rule (Notes below.)
      • Primary(4): Socket(3) > Dex > Vit > Life > AllResist > EliteDmgReduction > Amor > LpS > …
      • Secondary(2): Resist > RangedDmgReduction > MeleeDmgReduction > LpK > PuR > GlobeHealingBonus > Discipline > ExpPerKill > …
        • Aughilds Rule: Is a chest armor, which cannot roll Secondary Discipline. Only cloak, weapon, and offhand can roll Discipline.
        • Aughild’s Rule: Requires cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur and equipped Aughild’s Search (Wrist).

    • Hunter’s Wrath (Notes below.)
    • Goldwrap (NRift / Bounties), (Notes below.)
      • Primary(4): HungeringArrow% > Dex > Vit > Life > AllResist > Armor > LpS
      • Secondary(1): Resist > LpK > PuR > Freeze > ExpPerKill > …
        • Hunter’s Wrath Legendary Power is essential to the GoD6 build. Personally, I don’t settle for anything less than 190% if possible. But lets say, if the Hunters Wrath you’re trying to upgrade already has 15% Hungering Arrow on it, and 195-200% Legendary Power, you wouldn’t want to look for anything less than what you already have.
        • Goldwrap: Requires cubed Ring of Grandeur and equipped Depth Diggers.

    • Gas Powered Automail Forearm
    • Frostburn (Notes below.)
      • Primary(4): CritDmg > Crit > CDR > AreaDmg > Dex > Vit > LpH > …
      • Secondary(2): Resist > PuR > ExpPerKill > …
        • Frostburn: Requires cubing Ring of Royal Grandeur. With the Ethereal Buriza’s “Hits against Frozen enemies are always Critical Hits” affix, Frostburn could become more viable? In the very least, just something fun to play around with.

    • Wraps of Clarity
    • Aughild’s Search (Notes below.)
    • Nemesis Bracers (Usually equipped on Follower)
      • Primary(4): Cold > Crit > Dex > Vit > AllResist > LpH > …
      • Secondary(1-2): Resist > RangedDmgReduction > MeleeDmgReduction > PuR > ExpPerKill > …
        • Wraps of Clarity Legendary Power is of course the main reason this is best in slot until you’re high enough paragon level to do without it, so getting this as high as possible is very important along with matching as many primary stats possible. Why settle for 40% if you can get closer to 50%?
        • Aughild’s Search: Requires cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur and equipped either (one of) Aughild’s Chest / Shoulders / Helm.
        • Nemesis Bracers: Can either equip these or place in armory cube. Of course if you equip them then you lose the 40-50% DmgReduction from Wraps of Clarity. If you cube them instead, you would need to also cube Ring of Royal Grandeur, and also equip Depth Diggers. CANNOT be used with Aughild’s Authority.

  • LEGS
    • Cold Cathode Trousers
    • Depth Diggers (Usually in armory cube slot), (Notes below.)
      • Primary(4): Socket(2) > HungeringArrow > Dex > Vit > AllResist > …
      • Secondary(2): Resist > Slow > LpK > PuR > ExpPerKill > …
        • Depth Diggers: Requires cubed Ring of Royal Grandeur. Typically equipped in order to cube Nemesis Bracers, or Goldwrap (For NRifts and Bounties).

  • FEET
    • Antique Vintage Boots
      • Primary(4): Dex > Vit > AllResist > Armor > LpS > … (STRAFE% IS WORTHLESS)
      • Secondary(2): PuR > GlobeHealingBonus > Resist > ExpPerKill > …

    • Focus
    • Restraint
      • Primary(4): Socket(1) > CritDmg > AreaDmg > Crit > CDR > Dex > Dmg > …
      • Secondary(2): Resist > LpK > GlobeHealingBonus > ExpPerKill > …

    • The Ninth Cirri Satchel (Notes below.)
    • Bombardier’s Rucksack (Notes below.)
    • Holy Point Shot (Notes below.)
    • Archfiend Arrows (Notes below.)
      • Primary(5-6): HungeringArrow > Crit > AreaDmg > Cold > CDR > EliteDmg > Dex > AttSpd > Vit > Life > …
      • Secondary(1-2): Chill > Slow > Discipline > GlobeHealingBonus > ExpPerKill > …
        • If you opt to use an Ethereal Buriza with Ninth Cirri Satchel legendary power…You’re able to equip Archfiend Arrows, Bombardiers Rucksack, or Holy Point Shot as an alternative off-hand.
        • Archfiend Arrows come with AttSpd + Crit + EliteDmg. Comes with 5 primary stats, and doesn’t always roll Dex when crafted, craft enough and you’re able to get CDR and/or AreaDmg on last 2 stats.
        • Bombardier’s Rucksack comes with Dex + AttSpd + Crit + Sentry. And also the only quiver with 6 primary stats.
        • Holy Point Shot comes with Element% + Dex + AttSpd…). Get cold% with crit and/or hungering arrow then it looks very appealing.

  • MAIN-HAND (Ethereal Buriza-Do Kyanon (Legendary Powers))
    • Fortress Ballista - Attacks grant you an absorb should for 2.0-3.0% of your maximum Life. Stacks up to 10 times.
    • Dawn - Reduce the cooldown of Vengeance by 50-65%.
    • The Ninth Cirri Satchel - Hungering Arrow is guaranteed to pierce and also deals 450-600% increased damage. Hungering Arrow can only pierce up to 4 times.
    • Odyssey’s End - Enemies snared by your Entangling Shot take 100–150% increased damage from all sources.
    • Valla’s Bequest - Strafe projectiles pierce.
      • These are ordered by priority (in my own opinion), from best to worst.
      • Nothing changes with needing high uptime on Vengeance, keeping Dawn a staple part of GoD6 just as before. Having a 65% Dawn is even more important in S24 since we’re not able to roll CDR on Ethereal Buriza.
      • Having Fortress Ballista power on your Ethereal may be easier since the important of Dawn legendary power being as close to 65% as possible makes it easier to just cube Dawn instead if D3-RNG allows for it. Fortress Ballista power (shielding based on your max health%) is very important as well, allowing you to have higher uptime on Squirts Necklace stacks.
      • I’ve mentioned above in Off-Hand section about different possibilities and alternative quivers you can equip if you’re stuck with a high The Ninth Cirri Satchel power% on your Ethereal.
      • Odyessy’s End Legendary Power can be used as a Dual-Primary with Entangling Shot along with Hungering Arrow. You can achieve this by either having the Odyssey’s End or Dawn power on your Ethereal Buriza and cubing the other, while equipping The Ninth Cirri Satchel. Just note that flipping between your primary ability can feel a bit clunky and you’ll just need to get used to it if you decide to go this route.
      • Valla’s Bequest (IMO), is the least desirable, and I’m sure alot of people will disagree since Vallas and Dual Wielding as been heavily favored since GoD6 was introduced in S21. Personally, I’d rather have Shielding and higher Squirts uptime over Vallas legendary power.
      • https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/vallas-bequest-interaction-solved/18829 Vallas Bequest interaction explained. Credi and compliments to DiEoxidE, Iria, dmkt, Woogmoog, and others listed in the thread for the extensive testing involved. =)

  • Kanai’s Cube
    • Weapon Slot
      • Dawn
      • Fortress Ballista
      • Valla’s Bequest
    • Armor Slot
      • Depth Diggers
    • Jewelry Slot
      • Convention of Elements
      • Elusive Ring
      • Ring of Royal Grandeur
      • Ess of Johan

  • Passive Skills
    • Cull the Weak
    • Archery
    • Ambush
    • Steady Aim
    • Numbing Traps
    • Awareness
    • Perfectionist
    • Leech
    • Single Out
    • Thrill of the Hunt
    • Hot Pursuit
    • Tactical Advantage

  • Legendary Gems
    • Simplicity Strength (Mandatory)
    • Taeguk (Mandatory)
    • Zei’s Stone of Vengeance (Preferred)
    • Bane of the Trapped (Preferred Alternative)
    • Bane of the Stricken (?)
    • Bane of the Powerful (Bleh)
      • Bane of the Stricken will be a possible option depending how high GoD6 is able to push. High push on PTR I believe was either GR144-146 (Can’t remember what gems that person used). But GR150 will likely be possible at higher paragon levels in S24.

Below is just some stat expectations and some small details on how I got the figures…Nothing too special.

  • Hungering Arrow Dmg (Avg Min/Max?): 2,222,105,636,810 - 152,245,332,987,149

  • Dexterity: 22,458 - 27,187
    (Swapped stats between Emeralds/Diamonds in Chest/Legs, and with(out) Dex on Rings, Gloves, Amulet, and also min/max on all items as ancient + augments.)

  • Attacks per Second: 1.49 - 1.72
    (Would need 12% on weapon, 15% on quiver, +6% Focus Mind (From Enchantress) and +4 paragon points in attack speed to hit 9 FPA / 1.5001 APS breakpoint.)

  • Critical Hit Chance: 52.00 - 64.00
    (Min/Max on every item crit% is available.)

  • Critical Hit Damage: 359.00 - 480.00
    (Min/Max on every item critdmg% is available.)

  • Area Damage: 50.00 - 150
    (150% obtainable through 6 items (not including amulet) + paragon points. We also lose an obtainable AreaDmg roll through Ethereal Buriza.)

  • Cold Damage Increase: 25.00 - 50.00
    (Min/Max with(out) Cold% on amulet, and +10% from Enchantress.)

  • Hungering Arrow Damage Increase: 30.00 - 45.00
    (Min/Max on every item HA% is available.)

  • Cooldown Reduction: 36.04 - 40.01
    (Probably going to be the trickiest stat to be able to maintain 100% Vengeance uptime for S24 GoD6 DH, without having to sacrifice too much damage. We lose an obtainable CDR roll with Ethereal Buriza, so using Enchantress is almost mandatory now (imo), as well as looking for an extra CDR roll on either gloves, quiver, and/or rings.)


Nice guide overall.

Here is my list of minor nitpicks though!

The exceptions are Andariel’s Visage and Thundergod’s Vigor which can get both all resist and a special secondary resist (poison or lightning). But that’s besides the point since you wouldn’t use either of these in your build.

You can also use Flavor of Time when running in a group since you won’t have your follower to give you the emanated buff. Also, the priority on amulets is: Socket > Crit damage > Element > Crit chance > … (except in special cases where you stack 100%+ elemental damage).

Note that Aughild’s cannot roll discipline since it’s not a cloak; and discipline is more useful than people might realize since it gives you more of a buffer of continuous Shadow Power when needed. Of course it’s not as important as it is with UE builds and you can also stack it on weapons/quivers too (well just quiver if using Buriza).

You might want to note that the legendary affix is not a primary and doesn’t take the slot of another primary; it’s also immutable so it can’t be rerolled higher. You could mention that the multiplier is between 2.5~3.0x damage to primaries and sometimes a slightly lower legendary power can be offset by better primaries (e.g. Hungering Arrow, Dex, etc.).

The stat priority should be Cold > Crit chance > Dex > … since 20% cold is far more important than 6% critical hit chance. Also, the legendary power isn’t a primary but can be thought of as a 1.67~2.0x toughness boost; thus one can use that multiplier when comparing Wraps of Clarity with slightly different legendary powers.

The priority for Buriza might be: Socket > Crit damage > Area damage > Crit chance since the freeze effect will grant a 100% critical hit chance. Also, when dual wielding, the min/max damage roll is on par with area damage on the ring (especially since the ethereal doesn’t have a +800 max damage via paragon).

You might want to mention why this is important!

Again, great guide overall.


Ut oh…

I thought you said minor nitpicks? lol

Yup, forgot to add FoT to the list initially. Agree on the stat priority of course…Normally just personal preference to prioritize Crit+Critdmg, as I don’t like having one without the other.


Yea true, new or inexperienced players could get confused by that I suppose. I was just trying to show its importance and wasn’t really show how I wanted to do that at the time.

Again, agreed. =) Hadn’t really thought that far ahead, mostly in regards to others. Small details like this was kinda getting under my skin a bit and I gave up and stopped. lol…Especially since I’m not trying to go into full details (even if I could) on tryin to explain if 15-20 element% vs 4.5-6 crit% vs 425-650 is better.

Mostly just tried to keep it a bit more simple as in, these are the stats you want and nothing else matters. =)

Agreed. =)

And done!

As always, much appreciated insight and assistance. Finally had my 2nd wind and touched up quite a few things. Still not completely done I dont think. Like, mostly atm, it’s mostly regarding mostly GRift/Push items but it only makes sense to include NRift / Bounty alternative items as well (sigh).

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