Season 24 Ethereal opinion

So if you play 4 hours a day (which is probably more than “normally”) that’s 8 in a couple of days or 12 if a couple of days is three days.
My count is definitely lower than that. I have 30 puzzle rings in my stash after playing season for a little more than three weeks. I’ve spent a few in vault runs. So let’s say that I’ve gotten 35 in three weeks. That’s 5 a week (which is probably a low number). On the other hand I’ve gotten at least 72 ethereals until now.
(The puzzle ring count does not include the rings I farmed on a level 31 wd to get the achievement and the ethereals from those rings are also not included).

There was a YouTube video on how to get all ethereals in a few hours by just farming puzzle rings. You create a new character at level 1, use the puzzle ring, do not get to any higher than level 5 and greed will automatically drop you two ethereals, as at Level 5, the only legendaries that drop are etereals and leorics crown, so there is a 3 in 4 chance that you will get two ethereals right off the bat. I did this and completed all ethereals in around one hour after I got all the puzzle rings required. You will need about 12 puzzle rings, 2 for each class, as you need three ethereals. Too easy…

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More likely 24, give or take a few.

That requires some massive luck. You got 3 ethereals and leorics helm in the pool, so to get all 18 ethereals for the classes you don’t main and not have a single duplicate drop is extremely unlikely.

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You should count the rings found through the low level as well. It’s all the same. You could have spent the time farming normally so it’s hard to say how many you would have found had you not used the time to spend shards on the low level character. So to be more accurate, those should be counted too.

Point is, results will very but it’s still appropriate to EXPECT a ring a day. You might go a day without one and get two or three the next. It’s averages basically.

Like I said, I don’t know if my experience is typical but as a general rule, me and my clan get a ton of rings throughout a season and even though we try to keep up with running Vaults by the end of season we start salvaging them like we would any other legendary just because at a certain point it’s just more efficient to run GRifts instead.

No. These rings were not found. They were gambled. So I got more than 26 puzzle rings in a single day (I still have two of them among my 30 in stash). While farming the bloodshards I may have gotten a puzzle ring or two, but I don’t know.

It’s true, of course, that you’ll often have a ton of puzzle rings at the end of season. But in this case we’re talking about people who want the achievement over and done with as soon as possible no matter if they wanna play the whole season or not.

My point being that you might gamble rings on a main tune in hopes of getting a Restraint or Focus, CoE, Elusive or whatever and get a Puzzle instead. Gambled Rings should be counted whether from a small pool or a large one. You just can’t know how many you would have gotten if you just stayed on your main.

It might throw the numbers off but it’s more accurate than not counting them at all.

Edit: And you might even get some from upgrading rings you gambled for. I know folks say it’s inefficient but when you’re doing everything you can to get the ring you want, upgrading and gambling is just as valid an option as any other method.

2 GRs = 24 drops
20 GRs = 240 drops

The claim was 1 in 240 drops would be a Puzzle Ring, not 1 in 24.

I’ll admit that I was off the track in part of the discussion (probably because the time of day → night).

The main point of my reaction was the origonal claim that “you’ll get 20 puzzle rings by playing normally a couple of days”.

I meant “a couple of days” as 3 to 4 or a week which I sort of clarified later. But I should have been clear that it depends on how much one plays but I thought that was a given. Of course you aren’t going to come away with 20 rings in a few days if you only run 20 GRifts one time in that time or spread out more.

I should have said “You CAN come away with 20 Rings in a couple of days” instead of a “You WILL”. But the point is, you can get them playing normally because they come naturally through normal play activities and you don’t have to force the issue. That was the main point. Which I think I made clear by the end of the post.

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Also worth noting, after I unlocked the Feat of Strength and restarted the game to see how the transmog looks like, they look exactly like the current Ethereal in-game, which they borrowed from other existing weapon skins already (and in some cases enlarged or reduced in size) instead of looking like how it does while it is in the inventory and given the ‘ethereal’ glow treatment. Talk about major disappointment.

So aside from appealing to my perfectionist nature to collect every transmog as possible, this was a waste of time.

Yeah, did you expect something else?

The ach does state “Collect all 21 Ethereals during the Season to unlock their appearances as transmogs”

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Personally, I really enjoy the blueish/greenish glow. It’s really ghostly looking or supernatural in appearance. Dual wielding the transmogs or using that aquamarine dye at the mystic has a really cool look in my eyes. I even use some of the white transmogs instead of the legendary or set options.

Basically, the ethereal transmogs were along the lines of the sort of transmogs I look for. Sort of a ghostly glow is really cool in my eyes.

I can respect people disagreeing with me. However, based on my experience across the US and EU realms, using Idolis’ approach leaves the player at the mercy of RNG. I got most of my puzzle rings via level 31 blood shard spam. The game continuously spits out the same sets of rings (and other loot) from GRs. More than 90% of the rings were not puzzle rings.

The bottom line for me is this:

  • I don’t like chasing achievements in general.
  • I wasn’t interested in all 21 ethereal T-mogs
  • Forcing me to chase the stuff I have no interest in is NOT going to be enjoyable

Thankfully, this was not an arduous grind. My request was simple. Please do not send me on a mission to do things I have absolutely no interest in doing just to get a small reward. There are better ways to engage the player base with a season theme. Some of the player base may have liked the seasonal theme and I expect that those folks would have enjoyed the seasonal them if they did not have to farm all 21 Ethereal weapons.

None forced u to do anything. And some enjoys the grind


Send not equal forced, but there was obvious influence/coercion based on how the rewards and tasks were setup.

They didnt send u either. Its just a transmog. Your own decision if u want it or not. Have no impact on your gameplay. Its only a skin. Its a reward for beating a challenge. Ppl requested something more to do after they completed the seasonal journey

Nice try @Coreander. Its more than just the transmog. Its the transmogs and the tasks to get and keep the transmogs. I know you are attempting to disregard the requirements, but I’m keeping the requirements square in the middle of the conversation. The requirements could have been different. The requirements have an impact on game play. I’ve already acknowledged that some players would enjoy the challenge. However, for those of us who will not enjoy the challenge but want access to the “skins” we should not be forced into accept the terms. Terms = meet requirements to get reward. Thanks for stopping by.

So everyone should have everything baseline, the actual playing of the game is optional?

And being “forced” is nothing new, every season the journey has steps I have to go out of my way to do. I always have the choice though, suck it up and get it done or don’t get the reward. When I think about it I probably spent more time this season hunting the chest for Curses! than I did on the ethereals.

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You don’t have to play all the classes let alone grind them if you just want the reward. I’ve been farming my monk and witch doctor ethereals by grinding but the rest is lvl9 characters that you can reach by killing 2 enemies + gem of ease. I’d say I’ve spent 20 puzzle rings more or less to get all 21 ethereals.