Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Has Ended

Currently, I have been trying in vain for 4 days to humble 135 - 139 gr solo. Almost impossible, a few individuals who managed it, I have no idea what they had to open for a map + pylons.

Current no - balance leaderboard and playing wd:

Non - season:
Barbarian - 149
Crusader - 150
Deamon Hunter - 145
Monk - 147
Necromancer - 150
Witch Doctor - 142 !!! What?
Wizard - 150

Barbarian - 141
Crusader - 144
Deamon Hunter - 137
Monk - 139
Necromancer - 148
Witch Doctor (Spirit Barrage) - 136 !!! What?
Wizard - 146

Nerf Demon Hunter was also big enough, but nerf WD is crazy !!! It’s almost unplayable !!! Spirit Barrage is a terribly weak skill on the boss and unplayable with this nerf! Either return the pet bonus to the skill which does not work very well now or return the nerf off hand !!! After all, he is the weakest character in the game !!! Why did you do that ??

My theory is that since between patch 2.6.8 where Mundunugu was introduced and patch 2.7.0 there were no additional era resets and even though Spirit Barrage had its bug fixed in patch 2.6.9, no era reset was done despite a vocal demand. As a result the nerf in patch 2.7.0 might have been based on the original clears, not post patch 2.6.9 clears.

Phantasms being treated as pets was a confirmed bug but it should’ve been fixed ages ago. However the Gazing Demise nerf should definitely be reverted.

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It’s not a theory, that’s what happened.

Where do your data come from?

I don’t have the same…

I believe leaderboards were reset before then? Not sure. Maybe it’s due 10,000+ paragon players. As I recall, Witch doctors have high INT scaling, but Barbarians have comparatively low STR scaling.

Season 24 Preview dropping soon. Stay tuned ya’ll! Appreciate the patience :slight_smile:


Is that Blizzard “soon” or normal people soon? :dizzy:


Ooh, you tease!


How fast this “soon” be right now? :face_with_monocle:


Your kidding right soon my …

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you know what the buzzard said to the other buzzard? Patience my posterior proclivity i want to kill something LOL

guys its time to make it happen. test realms have already been enjoyed by the anointed few . Maybe its time to share with your core groupage? just saying .

Season 23 was a season of nothing, we’re all looking forward to season 24 as soon as possible.

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By Friday at noon-5 PM PDT. And yes, that was a very good teaser.

Its all relative. “soon” is sometime between now and the sun going supernova and destroying all life in the galaxy.

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In fact, The Sun is not be able to be SNova due its parms; anyway I really liked your description of the chances:)

This would only be true if no life exists outside our solar system.


Do you have proof it does? Should I alert the Nobel committee? :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, I think the burden of evidence would have to primarily rest on anyone claiming the opposite, considering how unlikely it would be :smiley: (yes yes, I know, proving something doesn’t exist is impossibly harder than proving it exists)

None what-so-ever. However, I have no requirement to provide any as I’m not the one making a claim that our sun going supernova would wipe out all life in the galaxy. It’s called the philosophical burden of proof, and it lies with the claimant to provide sufficient evidence to warrant belief in said claim and until, and unless, that evidence is provided the correct, logical position to take is non-belief in the claim.

Now then…

The Sun would need to be about 20 times more massive to end its life as a black hole. Stars that are born this size or larger can explode into a supernova at the end of their lifetimes before collapsing back into a black hole, an object with a gravitational pull so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. Some smaller stars are big enough to go supernova, but too small to become black holes — they’ll collapse into super-dense structures called neutron stars after exploding as a supernova. But the Sun’s not big enough for this fate, either: It has only about one-tenth of the mass needed to eventually become a neutron star.

Heck, when the sun becomes a red giant (prior to collapse as a white dwarf) the photosphere will still only reach to Earth / Mars, i.e. it won’t even encapsulate all of the planets in the solar system. As it can’t even destroy the solar system, how would it destroy the galaxy?