Season 23 Start - ANZ times

Season 23 will be starting on the following dates/times:
North America: Friday, April 2 @ 5pm PT

NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT: Saturday, April 3 @ 11am
Qld: Saturday, April 3 @ 10am
SA: Saturday, April 3 @ 10:30am
NT: Saturday, April 3 @ 9:30am
WA: Saturday, April 3 @ 8am
NZ: Saturday, April 3 @ 1pm
This is Easter Saturday!

Note: For NSW, Vic, Tas, ACT, SA and NZ - Daylight savings ends on Sunday, April 4 - so you will gain an hours sleep after day 1!


Thank you very much for the info

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Thank you for this! Sad we have to wait until Saturday but good to know.

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Legend. Thanks very much for this.

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