Season 22 | Shades of the Nephalem | Has Ended

I have a question. Now normally I play through each Season using the Hero I start with, however this time I want to start over with a new Hero. How do I go about that so that the new hero is able to get the armor rewards?

You can only get one set reward per season.

However, I think you can get another one if you start again on a different region.

Basically use your current toon to help farm gear for your second toon



That 4th kanai’s slot is something that make me enjoy this last season, I know pro and veterans may not feel any difference, but personally I find it really fun as it allow me to try new combinations.

I know the next It’s not much, but maybe something of this can be used or inspire to try new things with the already existing ones:

For solo players:

Allow player to have all 3 followers:

Followers now can use up to all 3 relics or use all 3 followers
If only 1 followers is recruited it will be able tu equip all 3 of it’s own relics
if 2 followers are recruited they can only equip up to 2 of the 3 relics
if 3 followers are recruited they can only equip up 1 relic each one(This one will be interesting.)

Followers legendary gem: It’s effect only works on followers. Máx lvl50.Increases the user atk speed by 10%-50%.
lvl25 Grants crowd Control Inmunity to the follower.

For everyone:

Legendary gems:

Mimic legendary gem: Máx lvl 50. It can only be equiped on weapons or helms.
This gem can have 1 legendary item skill when it is placed with the item inside the kanais cube and clic in the button transmute, it will automatically replace the skill adquired for the new one after repeating this proccess.
it can only have 1 legendary item legendary skill at the same time(it is affected by the legendary skill penalizations).
lvl 25 after 5 seconds without receiving damage this gem will grant a protective shield equal to 5% of your max health.

Extra cast gem: Máx lvl 100. This gem can only be equiped on weapons. Grant a 50%-100% chances to cast your damaging activated skills one more time for free once every 3 seconds.
lvl 25 your damaging activated skills got a 10% chance to cast an aditional time for free once every 9 seconds.

Utility Legendary gem: Máx lvl 100. Increase the effect of all legendary skills equiped and each one used in the kanai’s cube by 10%-50%.
lvl 25 all legendary skills that got under 100% chance to be activate it will have instead a 100% change to be activade but can Only occur once every 30 seconds.

Allow the player to upgrade Flawless Royal gems to gain level as legendary gems.
Limited to one equiped on each character per type:

Legendary Amethyst: Máx lvl 150. Helms: increase life up to +(24%-50%) life. Weapons: +(29000-45000) life per hit. Other: +(290-500) vitality.
Legendary Emerald: Máx lvl 150. Helms: +(42%-70%) extra gold from monsters. Weapons: Critical hit damage increased by +(150%-200%). Other +(290-500) dexterity.
Legendary Ruby: Máx lvl 150. Helms: Increases bonus experience by 42%-60%. Weapons: +300-800 damage. Other +(290-500) strength.
Legendary Topaz: Máx lvl 150. Helms: 13%-20% reduced resource costs of skills. Weapons: +39000-45000 Thorns damage. Other +(290-500) intelligence.
Legendary Diamond: Máx lvl 150. Helms: reduces cooldown of all skills by 13%-20%. Weapons: Increases damage against elites by 21%-40%. Other +(79-153) to all Elemental Resistances.

Exchange a legendary affix:
Allow the player to change another legendary affix with hellfire materials, gold and a lv100 legendary gem. It will grant a second use for the the hellfire materials and also for all those not so used legendary gems.

Unique items.

Crusader legendary skills:

Eternal Union(Legendary ring): Increases the duration of phalanx avatars by 200%. Change to: Increases duration and damage of phalanx by 200%.

Unrelenting Phalanx(Legendary Crusader Shield):Increases damage by 45-60% and cast Phalanx twice per use, either summons twice as many avatars of the Order, or Just Summons two waves with a brief delay. Change to: Increase Phalanx damage by 10% per each phalanx and/or avatar of the order you have and cast Phalanx twice per use, either summons twice as many avatars of the Order, or Just Summons two waves with a brief delay.

Baleful Remnant(Legendary Two-Handed Flail): Enemies killed while Akarat’s Champion is active turn into Phalanx avatars for 10 seconds. Change to: Enemies killed while Akarat’s Champion is active turn into Phalanx avatars for 10 seconds. You receive 1% damage reduction per Phalanx and/or avatar of the order active up to a maximum of 60% damage reduction.

I ussually add suggestions about crusaders as they are my favorite class. I hope other people have some ideas about the other classes so we can contribute with this saga we loved since we meet the first one.

There are still some more things that can be added or changed to keep interest in the game, but indeed there is not enough time to to try it all at the same time.

Any or all of these suggestions can be discarded as surely there are or will be better ones around.

Seems we’re getting reports of clans being unable to change News and MOTD again, with the message being about inappropriate words…

Hello Developers?

Can you consider the revert of Chantodo nerf? Thank you!


Thanks for the heads up - Team was able to address and fix the issue. I jumped into the thread here to let some of the affected players know.

If issue continues please let me know.


Thanks, FilthieRich. I’ve updated the EU thread about this.

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the freezing is not fixed yet… in hc it keeps freezing like crazy, almost died 4 times… fix this damn thing pls


By the way, I realise this is late, but we didn’t get an equivalent thread over on the EU forums. Heck, right now, the only stickied thread we have over there is the announcement for the start of Season 21…

Could you maybe nudge the EU guys to de-sticky that S21 announcement and tee them up for actually posting a S23 starting thread the same time you do one for the US forums?

It’s stuff like this that makes me not use the EU forums.

Same thing with the console forum too.

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Don’t do a big mistake and start S23 on easter weekend! This is hopefully not gonna happen.

What time zone to use for console players for season end?

Good. Then I have plenty of times to play FF14 now until the next season starts.

Consoles use the US timezone times, i.e. 17:00 Pacific.

Probably discussed to death already, but could Haunt of Vaxo have these S22 shadow clones?

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So start date will be April 2nd? Hope so that’s my birthday lol


Season 22 ends on Sunday, 28th March.
Non-emergency patches are applied to live servers on Tuesdays (Pacific time).
First Tuesday after Season 22 ends is Tuesday, 30th March.
Blizzard leave at least a week between patching and the next season starting.
Seasons start on a Friday and the first Friday that’s more than a week after 30th March is Friday, 9th April.

Hopefully this also means we should see final patch notes for 2.7.0 / S23 next week.

About time, the the last two seasons have gone on longer than normal. Any one know why?

Can you please inform when the new season starts? This makes it easier to plan.

Dunno. But it becomes quite boring these long seasons.

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