Season 21 - Trials of Tempests is NOW LIVE!

I decided to test myself, this morning. I posted my results in the Bug Report Forum:

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some wishes for future patch :slightly_smiling_face:

new leg item

Boots of Giant - While Wrath of the Berserker is active each your step causes an Ground Stomp. Your Ground Stomp damage is increased by ???% (this dmg for Trembling Stomp rune). (this affix should work when we simply move without Whirlwind and Furious Charge ofc)

Dread Iron - Ground Stomp, Leap and Boulder Toss causes an Avalanche. (and plz up Avalanche dmg) i dream about Avalanche builds :yum: with new Boots of Giant it will be totaly cool and destructive :smiley:

Sledge of Athskeleng - The main attributes and duration of Berserker is doubled.
from 20 seconds to 40 seconds
Critical Hit Chance: from 10% to 20%
Attack Speed: from 25% to 50%
Dodge Chance: from 20% to 40%
Movement Speed: from 20% to 40%

new leg belt

Dervish Windings - During Whirlwind barbarian rotates some blades on a chains that deals enemies within a radius of 15 yards the same damage as the Whirlwind itself and slows them down by 80%. The range of this chains is increased by 50% of your gold pickup radius.

All good now for all 3 PC regions as of tonight.

Weird triple set (DMO + 2 TR and 2 FB) take on twister DMO build for Asia but it’s the Wizard #158 there now too.

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whats up with the constant droning noise, do we really have to play a whole season eith the most constant droning ever. tell me you guys do have headphones ???

OMG yeah the noise, but also the visual. It is flashing like crazy, the sand storm take you the sight. I like Diablo3 cause it is all relaxed and dark. But having sensitive eyes, this crazes me out, fireworks all few minutes. I think I cant play this season. :frowning:


Happy leveling and farming :stuck_out_tongue:

Season 21 is now LIVE in all regions and all platforms.


Aaaaand it doesn’t work. Won’t load characters.

Rebirth unavailable!

good job breaking the beginning of the season!

When will you be adding an offline mode and mod support to Diablo 3 since it’s a legacy product with a skeleton crew to make sure the servers stay on.

Buff is not on for xbox :frowning:

Buf is not on for Nintendo Switch too :cry:

When is the console going to get the buff

This has been addressed (See Console Bug Report forum)

Too much flashing for the buff! Gave me a headache and I can’t see the screen! Almost gave me a seizure and that’s not hyperbole. I had to stop. My head is still spinning.


Is anyone else experiencing high latency?

Please reduce/remove the annoying sfx and weather/lighting effects. The visual clutter in particular is absurd and not fun, especially when the screen goes practically pitch black. I thought the seasonal themes were supposed to be helpful… :frowning:


Please, begging you here, please disable the Season theme or replace it with something else.

  1. It’s incredibly annoying to hear the loud foghorn every 90 seconds. (Audio trigger for some people as well)
  2. The VFX add massive clutter, make it difficult to see, and add confusion around wether an effect is from an enemy or the proc. (Especially dangerous for hardcore)
  3. Last but not least, IT BREAKS GR’s. The stacking buff mechanic can be exploited to deal absolutely massive amounts of damage. Enough to take out Rift Guardians on its own.

Really love that the devs are experimenting with new ideas, but this one desperately needs more time in the oven.


Season 21 -Trials of the tempest NOW LIVE!

In case you missed it don’t worry the seasonal elemental effects will let you know. By burning your eyes through the back of your skull. But fret not in case you still missed it you’ll know when your ears start bleeding.


And this is why you’re supposed to test the changed theme on PTR rather than just pushing it to live without testing…

The theme weather effects can still kill guardians, because it’s possible to get the kill stacks (that affect the strength of the theme effects) to ludicrously high numbers.