Season 21 - Trials of Tempests: Double Bounties

Would’ve been a good move 1st or 2nd week into the season. Most active people got what they wanted anyway in the first month. And then we quit, lol.

who would take this seriously anyway when the season and leaderboards have been trashed since day one because of the exploit with bringing stacks in from outside?


It’s turned off for me as well. Seems bugged. Tried relog, didn’t help.

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Would be nice to get some of the little “bonuses” in non-season.


Same here act 1 ran twice only 1 cache


Broken for me as well, had the buff in solo game, went to public bounty and buff dropped off,


I had it for two runs in public, then it broke, then I relogged and had it for one more run, then it broke again, and I relogged and now it dos not work at all for me.

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You probably need to find the intended group exploit before you get double chests.


With double bounties, I think bounties MAY prevail over GRs for legendaries (especially with a good, focused group), but not for XP. GRs crush everything for XP.

But 10 caches per run, that’s a lot of, well, everything especially if you’re running T16 and collecting the DBs on the way (plus any random leg drops).

A reforging we will go…

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I have one problem with this. This requires people who have had difficulties with this season the entire time (due to accessibility issues/disabilities, etc) to play the problematic season in order to reap the rewards of this so-called “apology.”

The whole point of people complaining wasn’t just due to the leaderboard screwups, it was also because this particular season literally physically affected certain populations negatively whereas this had not previously been an issue. This drove most of us back into non-season.

I gritted my teeth through completion (and spent a lot of time not looking at the screen to do so), but this will not by any means, tempt me to come back to migraines and vertigo.

So… where’s our apology? :thinking:


Thanks very much! Im really enjoying the Season. :slight_smile:

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It does not work!!! Only the first time you get double bonus. Then it is just 1 …

Still doesn’t work 5 runs resulting in 25 caches and not the 50 they promise… :frowning:


Well, i guess this buff is only for US. We all know you are looters. :slight_smile:

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How come not in Hard Core mode?

Seasons only?


Seasonal buff already took the fun out of the season for me. No intention of playing it.

I do appreciate you guys trying to drum up some activity in the game. Don’t forget about non-season though please.


Nice. Hope you guys are ready to shift through the increased numbers of bots for end of season banning.

It seems to entail you guys not realising that double bounties won’t tempt people back to the season that they quit due to the lighting effects causing them headaches, migraines or epileptic fits.

It doesn’t matter how long you make the PTR if you just completely ignore feedback from the people that do testing for you there. There were threads on the PTR forums about how terrible the visual effects were. Completely ignored until it hit live, whereupon you toned them down, but only slightly.

In Seasons 19 and 20, I got around 2200 paragon. In Season 21, I got paragon 823, because I gave up on the season less than a week in, as the lighting effects were causing me headaches.

I’m not risking headaches for double bounties.
Please turn the buff on for non-seasonal too.


If you don’t reduce the required forgotten soul from 50 to 25 to reforge this won’t help at all and we will run out of fs more then bountie mats.

Another lame attempt to keep us interested… it will be short lived


Worked on my Switch. To get it though, I had to close software and then relaunch. May need to do something similar on other consoles.

while i also want more reasons to play outside of seasonal play, the way to phrased that was a bit off-putting.

but on the same note, id really like it if there where some features in the game that were turned off for seasonal play, remaining only accessible in non-seasonal play. maybe something to make me want to grind out paragon levels in non-season?

crazy idea of mine is to let us make our own “sets,” beyond the LoD & LoN. Maybe by way of the Cube, using the ability to rip legendary’s magic off them and somehow mix them with the sets already in place.

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The community buff turned off for EU roughly 20 minutes ago. Was working fine at first.