Season 17 Ends August 18 | S18 Begins 8/23

Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking, and tells me that they weren’t thinking…

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Fixed that for you. Some of us do care.


Get back into the cave you troll.:-1:


Yep. I can pend posts to publish in advance, but apparently not pend them to sticky. :thinking: Still learning the limitations of the new forums myself.

Then I guess you don’t need to be able to post here. :woman_shrugging: Here’s the Code of Conduct, in case you’d like to try again at a later time.


Thank you!!!:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Just a heads up. The system is pretty sensitive. I’d refrain from posts calling out trolls and just stick to flags. Otherwise, you might wind up being the one with action taken against your account.

I just spent a few minutes looking at the gap between season stop and start points, and can’t really find a pattern that’d help predict when Season 18 starts.

The obsession increases…

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Just a stupid question, are we going to receive two blogs, one with the updated patch notes for 2.6.6 and one for the future of D3? :slightly_smiling_face: I am getting old and can not remember everything.


please don’t let s18 star overlap with calssic wow launch, both are very unique experiences with classic being once in a life time thing (or twice Kapp). Also both are blizz’s projects, a little bit of thinking on this would be very appreciated. :wink:

Actually, I would love it if the two games compete. I figure, with Wow Classic, it isn’t a limited time thing. It’s not like they’re going to shut down the Classic servers in 3 months, so they aren’t really competing.

And if a player wants to absolutely play WoW Classic and Season 18, they can. It just depends on how they manage their time. But if they don’t, then WoW Classic will still be there when the season is over.

The Priorities are up to the players, and not Blizzard in this scenario which is a good thing in my estimation.

Exactly the date I was hoping for, thank you Nev!!! I hope S18 will follow shortly on 23 August :slight_smile:

Same here with 2 weeks notice of season end and a week before start after that we have time to finish up, clean stash content, yeah toss all that stuff you’ll never use that is ancient/primal that just rolled not great. Keep the best of set items for non-season. Season 17 was good Blizzard, thank you.

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Please tell me the new season starts on the 22nd and not later so it doesn’t overlap with Classic Launch

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Creates August wallpaper and marks date

Ready to go!

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Season 18 is going to be a joke, no new anything for the seasonal Journey!


Hopefully the forum allows Blizzard posters to use CSS. Had to be somewhat…creative on my recent project because the few HTML 5 commands Discourse is allowing here are crippled because end user CSS isn’t allowed (presumably for security reasons).

This is a different blog than what you said you were preparing, right?
(Sorry, my english is not good)


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Eagerly awaiting S18. Really looking forward to utilising the new stuff.

Had a lot of fun in the PTR.