Screwy Counters

This Season the counters seem to be screwed up.

I noticed that I reached Level 20 Seasonal Cubist pretty fast, and because I’m doing the Season Journey on several accounts, I paid attention this time, and with only 7 items Cubed, I reached that Achievement.

Similarly, on my last Journey, achieving Dynasty (6 sets to GR55) only took GR45.

Things seem kind of screwed up this Season.

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I completed Season 29 with SSF Characters on the Americas, Europe and Asia Regions.

I completed Season 29 on the Americas Region with normal Characters. (Still playing Solo. Just not SSF). I’m currently working on a normal Season 29 Journey on the Europe Region.

This is what I’ve been able to confirm:

  • SSF Mode gives us 3 for every 1 Power we extract.
  • Normal Mode credits us accurately. (1 for 1).

If you check your Guardian Objectives, it should say you’ve extracted 21/40. At 8 it will say 24/40. And so on.


In Season 29, SSF Mode, you only need to extract 14 Legendary Powers to complete the Level 40 Seasonal Cubist Guardian Chapter Objective.

I had a feeling it was something I didn’t read…lol…Typical of me.

I’ve noticed on ssf i needed much less cubing to get the achievement. Since they do not fix it, it looks like it is a feature.

Salvaging an unidentified primal seems to give 15 souls instead of ashes.

I tried this a little while back and got the ashes.


In the thread someone even posted some pics with the evidence.
Not saying that Faith is lying. He may post in good Faith :grin:

I don’t remember the exact timing, but my test was a decent amount of time after Faith’s post. Maybe it was patched? I’ll double check it on my next primal drop.


I put a video of salvaging identified and unidentified primal. It was, however, on non-SSF toon, so maybe there’s something different.

Kind of went off track here…

So I just played a Nat’s Spike Trap build, and paid close attention. The game gave me nothing at GR45, but did fill the checkbox for that set at GR55.

I’m on my last set of the 6, which is the Wizard Typhon’s Hydra, and it is on that set on my last Season Journey that it gave me the Achievement at GR45.

I will pay close attention…

Just follow up on the side track convo, I did the double check on the unidentified primal salvage. This was a seasonal, SC, non-SSF character. I got the same outcome as the last time: it gave the 55 ashes.

Maybe it was hotfixed, or perhaps it gives crystals in a different combination of character types?