Savages Build Gr 120+

Aughild Combo.
Add some life per hit on weapon and gloves. Wreck everything

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What did you think we did all season during PTR? However it is still under Whirlwind and too squishy to properly push.

Also a Bane of the Powerful is largely overated, Trapped is still superior, however then you loose a some a bit toughness. It just don’t change the fact that at paragon 1900 you are close to 20k Main Stat, by that account it should do 125.

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Again it’s not squishy . I don’t know what you were doing on season this is a NEW set and WASN’T ON SEASON. Did you reply to the wrong topic or you just can’t read properly? What bane of the powerful? Are you actually insane???

Hey there, RuneThor. Thanks for posting the build link. Rage, one of our Barb experts, has already put together a comprehensive build guide for H90, so we’ve got that base covered. A few points to discuss about the build.

You’re right that the Aughild’s version is not as squishy as the core build, but it also does less overall damage, and, outside of Hardcore mode, is not the optimal build for pushing GRs. In addition, Echoing Fury is inferior to Azurewrath due to the latter’s Freeze proc, and Bane of the Powerful, which is plugged into the build via your Diablofans link, is inferior to Bane of the Trapped. In that respect, Kiwen is correct. He’s also correct that the core build (that doesn’t use Aughild) is very squishy, and has many problems with Crowd Control.

Finally, I want to address why you might not be getting much traffic here. During the PTR, the Barb community here thoroughly tested and vetted the set. I feel confident in saying that the Barb community here is among the most knowledgeable in the game, and our guides are hands-down the most accurate, comprehensive, and detailed, and many external sites, such as Icy Veins and Dfans, just don’t have the same kind of active community that insures such fantastic content.


Well as per damage i feel like my WW/rend is lacking compared to this. Might just be my gear i guess.

I never denied that basic set is squishy. That’s why the use of aughilds is a must. WW/rend uses crimson for same exact reason and i don’t see the problem to be honest.

As for the Echoing Fury i think you are loosing dps due to loss of attack speed.
Haven’t tested the cold build but i think freeze proc is not necessary. Not to mention the fear mechanic that EF procs.

I included the wrong gem by mistake and haven’t noticed it. It’s fixed now with bane of the trapped.

Yea i don’t mind the low traffic. I just felt like this build deserves another look. For me personally it’s the build i was able to push the furthest and nobody is posting this build as a viable option to play higher GRs when it obviously is the best build so far. Sure swap out the EF with Azure if you wish but i think this is best for now.

All the builds i was able to find before i tried this were way way too squishy and not even Gr100 worthy.

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It could be a gear issue, but it’s more likely an issue with play style. Zodiac Rend may seem like a mindless build, but playing it correctly requires careful management of cooldowns, excellent awareness of GR conditions, and skill with Rage Flip. It’s easily one of our most skill-intensive builds. Regardless, Rend is much stronger than Frenzy. There’s really no comparison. Frenzy is about as strong as Pro-Slam, maybe a little stronger–don’t know for sure yet, and may never know since very few people push with Pro-Slam.

Rend is better for speed-farming and better for solo pushing. But if you enjoy Frenzy, who cares? Play what you like and have fun! :slight_smile:

Err, actually, no: The Crimson’s variant of Zodiac Rend is squishier than the Core build. Check out the build guide stickied at the top of this forum.

Well, that’s kind of what I was saying when I dropped the link for our PTR tests. We’ve already done all the tests, and we know how to optimize the build. That’s not to say that new developments won’t change what is considered the most optimal way to gear and play the build, but for now, we’re positive that Azurewrath is better than Echoing Fury. Check out Rage’s build guide linked above.


Yawn just another wannabe WW build.

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I did a GR121 solo without Aughild’s. Just for giggles, I put in 2 pieces of Aughild’s, put LPH on weapons, and still haven’t managed to clear a GR122.

However, whilst trying, the guardians did drop me a primal wastes helm and MotE legs, so it wasn’t a total loss. (My LeapQuake Barb now has all 6 pieces of MotE as primals).

This set is still vastly inferior to WW/Rend.


Sounds like you should start playing some Leapquake!

The only time I really played LeapQuake was for the MotE set dungeon mastery. I just don’t like the idea of bouncing around the screen like I’m on a pogo-stick. Heck, I’ve got 5/6 primal Raekor’s in my Stash, and it’s there rather than on a Barbarian as I don’t like the mechanics of that set either.

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Hmm, I always thought of it less as a pogo stick and more as “Hulk Smash!”, but to each his own I guess.

So much this! I wish they would make MoTE good again, I loved the Fire leapquake build.

This is how Primals tend to work for me, either absolute garbage, or for a set that isn’t relevant. :rofl:


I am not a good player, paragon 1400, ok gear mostly without enhancement on them. I can’t even beat gr 113 with the ww rend build, but with this Aughild combo build in similar gear, I just finished 116 pretty easily. the ef’s proc is crazy when u killing trash, it helps to kill elites faster while trash mobs die during aoe. its the best build for me to push GR atm and Im having fun, thanks Runethor

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