Same build Comparison: NS vs PTR

Just did a test to compare my favorite go to monk build. Currently in NS I like the Inna Reach weapon setup using the bastion of Will rings. So no convention of elements as I use the 2 piece Crimson with Rorg in the cube. The Amulet is a Squirt.

So in NS I use cold as it is the best choice for me. I was able to push up to a 138 gr. After a few fails I narrowly completed it. Then in the PTR I imported the identical character and pushed with the best element there which is fire. I was disappointed in the PTR result as the best I could muster was a gr 131. That result is viewable in the PTR leader boards. So a difference of 7 levels.

I was hoping for a 134ish in PTR as then I can 1 percent gems to 150. Allowing me a sense of progress using my favorite build. To reach a 135 ish I will have to resort to the Shenlong build which I am not fond of. I am not really skilled enough to play the shenlong’s so for me it is not fun.

I am requesting a re-thinking of the devs as to that massive Inna nerf they are considering. The split fire was fun so why not just bump it up to 5 from 3 like it was before. The 900 from 3000 ought to be upped as well. In the PTR I noticed hardly any damage inflicted on certain groups. That of course is common when pushing but never in a gr 131 at my level and gear. It plays weak like most the other monk builds now.

Thank you for your consideration.

You should forward your experiences to PTR feedback forum. More chances they read there than here.

Right will do that now
ty …