Sage's Journey/Passage Typo

The Sage’s Journey and Sage’s Passage item sets have a typo. Sage’s Journey is listed as such in the crafting menu and on the item’s title page (I’m looking at boots while playing a seasonal wizard to be specific). When you hover over the item to get the item details pop-up, the pop-up title matches the crafting menu, but where it lists the individual items (and their names), the set title changes (i.e. Journey is labeled as Passage and vice versa). So I went to build the Sage’s Journey boots, but when they finished, they didn’t match my Sage’s Journey belt. Obviously, I can workaround by crafting the Passage boots instead, assuming they will work with my Journey belt, but I thought it was something that would likely be an easy fix and reduce players’ frustration (though I couldn’t find it anywhere on the forums, not that I spent more than 5-10 minutes looking). Anyone else notice this?

It is a really great game to play while binging TV or listening to an audiobook. thank you, and I look forward to eventually (I hope) being able to play Diablo IV on my Mac M1 or my future M2!

Yep, it’s messed up, Set names for 2 different sets with boots named after the set in the other set. Probably been like this for years…