Sad Demonhunter

the worst DH since all seasons, no fun to play

Four powerful builds on the DH for pushing including 3 that got buffed this patch. You should go try the crusader class to see real pain.

“Why back in my day, we had to run bounties to get NR keys. Then once we had the GR key we had to run trials to level them to the GR that we wanted to run. After the GR we had to decide if we wanted to keep leveling the key or use it to level our gems. Now them bounties, we had run them up hill, in the snow, both ways…”

In many ways D3 is the best it has ever been, but when the Devs tease you with something and then yoink it away it leaves folks feeling rather bitter. Ask the Barbs about Mortiks.

I still can’t love GoD. It’s like being Usain Bolt except you have to keep stopping to tie your shoes. I either feel like I’m going way too fast or the carburetor is going bad. UE is going to be really fun though with that resource on crit node.

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cruSADer,buff nothing,it’s the weak role.

Yeah, that part about GoD really baffles me, if hungering arrows cast by strafe can maintain wraps of clarity, why not momentum as well.

There’s always some painfully tedious and ergonomically unfriendly mechanic that kills me when I play this game.

I have never played a game that causes me ergonomic discomfort in the way that Diablo 3 does.

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I can understand that the design of the set’s momentum mechanic requires that you have to up build stacks prior to an encounter but it should be able to maintain stacks throughout that encounter. Strafe, in addition to proccing generators, should arrest the loss of momentum on hit. You’d still have to juggle keeping up your stacks moving around the empty spaces on a map, the worst part of the build IMO, but free you up to focus more on the defensive aspects of your build when things get nasty. You could always numlock SS but I’m not a fan of using that trick and outside of PTR I play solely on console so that’s a no go. I prefer Vault regardless.

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2 buttons is ergonomic discomfort? Sounds like you need to find another genre of game to play, or one that is turn-based.

It blows my mind how the DH playerbase receives everything in this game and we still receive comments like this.

I play plenty of other games and never have issues.

Blizzard has had enormous opportunity to make unbelievably intuitive and thought provoking gameplay in D3 for 12 years. They can only be missing that mark on purpose if they keep making it so disjointed and un-smooth.