S6 impale nerfed?

I haven’t paid attention to PTR etc, but s6 impale feels nerfed. Primal weapon, p750, and most of the altar unlocked (including bonuses to elites and bosses etc). Doing GR110 in ~6-7 minutes, but it feels weaker than in previous seasons when I played a lot. 6 ancients, no augments.

It just feels weaker than I remember. Perhaps my memory is askew, I don’t know. Given that I have a perfect primal karleis at such an early stage of the season (rare upgrades for the win!) and probably > 50% dmg buff from the altar, I expected a GR110 to be easier than what I am currently doing it at.

s6 impale build gear is also significantly harder to drop than UE MS or GOD HA - both set pieces and ancillary items.

I haven’t taken UE MS for a proper whirl yet after its dmg buff. I get the feeling it’s now stronger than s6 impale (as is GOD HA). I don’t know where M6 MS fits in now, but I gather it’s probably still the top DH build. it looks like the new N6 build sucks too, at least, looking at the forum posts on it.

primal screams suck. p750 or thereabouts and a single One has dropped. Not fun “RNG” and the resultant gameplay sucks anyways.

S6 was not nerfed, at least directly. Season’s 27 Sanctified Power buffed S6 Impale to a whole new level of power although it is not mesurable at least for me. This build was changed into a GoDish “spin to win”. Without Sanctified Power you are forced to play it as it used to - you vault around killing elites with a manual casts of impale.

You are right that the altar buffs the dmg of this build though I don’t think that dmg is what s6 impale lacks. Even with overpenetration rune impale is not great at killing trash. You probably need to hunt elites. In s28 we have many many better builds with AoE and unfortunately a few better builds with single target (which is very sad since impale should have be the go -to single target build imho)

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Yeah, I didn’t play s27’s spin to win version of s6 impale - I detest strafe. To me, s6 impale feels weaker than I remember. Perhaps it is just my memory failing.