S30 PTR notes will be posted tomorrow

to maintain interest in the game! they just need to add numbers and properties to some items, easy.

Isn’t it no more new themes post S29 (S30 starts the recycling)?

Edit: Went back to check:

Season 29 and beyond—this Season sets the bedrock for the game’s future and introduces our final brand-new theme.

Season 30 will bring fresh gameplay balances and bug fixes to reinvigorate your adventures but introduce no new theme.

It appears that S30 is just going to be Rites of Sanctuary again with the difference being it’s available in all modes, kind of like how the follower overhaul ‘season’ was for all modes.


No new content doesn’t mean testing isn’t necessary. Even balance changes need testing. Untested balance changes have been implemented before and it backfired immensely.


Two of the best features they added to the game follower revamp and the altar.



Since Season 29 is the “bedrock”, or “foundation”, whatever… That tells me that Visions of Enmity will be permanent. So Season 30 will be the first “theme amalgamation” of Visions of Enmity + Altar of Rites (modified)… And maybe some other hotly debated “changes” that came with Season 29.

I would not be surprised if the SoH is removed with all of the complaining about the gem stone from last season.

Adjusting the drop rate for GG would work just as well. It’s not undoable but farming that gemstone feels like a chore and that’s just BS. Especially if it becomes a recurring task because you need to unlock the altar in new every season. That would be more obnoxious than doing set dungeons for the season journey.

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I’ve used the downtime this season to farm all the trickier altar mats, including the Staff, across the different modes/regions just in case those don’t change.

On NA SC non-season, i have the original Infernal SoH and I don’t want to lose it.

Aside from that, I’m jazzed about these patch notes more than any before. I’m dying to know what’s permanent and what’s not.

Is there a way to watch the live chat again, and know approximately when he talks about it?

Do you have a time stamp or clip of where he says that. Ive been looking all over and no one is talking about d3 PTR patch notes releasing tomorrow thanks

The Diablo YouTube channel has the campfire livestream VOD up. Around 1:29:00 at the end of the stream, they mention it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

All they really need to do is buff the drop rate of GG from 5% to 50%. Adding a zero to the drop rate would take them about 2 seconds to do and make a lot of people happy.

The reason I referenced the SoH was because I had asked if they were thinking of removing it. Matthew gave my comment a like. Not sure if he was hinting at something. Maybe we will know more tomorrow.

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Here we goooo!

Standard expectations set to hopefully be surprised locked in.

I wanna grind some D3 again!

I wonder what they going to change from the old alter

With the alter coming back everyone will be playing

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I don’t think “balance changes” and the “Rites of Sanctuary” are one in the same. I really think that we’re going to truly have balance changes after all these years. LET’S GO!

As time drills down into whatever balance changes are coming, imbalances will be found. Then the community will slowly start griping again about how imbalanced the classes are.

Mark my words.