S29 - 6 Piece Shadow - RoRG Cubed Bug?

I’m struggling to explain this one.

I complete my Season Journey and get the 6 pieces of the Shadow set and put the Impale build together.

I’m wearing all 6 pieces of the Shadow. I then noticed I had cubed RoRG which is pointless if I’m wearing the 6 pieces thus I take it out and put in Zodic and my dps and toughness half.

The difference is very noticeable so not a cosmetic bug but by wearing the Shadow 6 pieces and then taking in and out the RoRG in my third cube slot it doubles my dps and toughness when in and I lose that “double” when I take it out with no othe changes.


Are you using Guardian’s set (e.g. belt + bracers)? If yes, you are losing the 3p bonus when you drop RoRG. Which is a healthy chunk of damage and toughness.

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Damnit forgot about that thanks.

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and in this week’s episode of “old man forgets” LOL. Nicely done Nick. That’s a classic Uncle Dave screwup right there.

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Not a fan of the DH but using it this season again to speed farm GR125’s in 90 secs with either the Shadow Impale build or the GoD Hungering Arrow build…pretty sweet to farm Paragon.

Once again I seem to be just super unlucky with drops. I stand by my claims that RNG is determined at game install and if you get crap RNG allocated to you at install, you’ll end up with crap RNG for the entirety of period of time that the game is installed. RNG is NOT random in D3 on PS4.

It seems kadala’s drop rates for legendary items and in particularly, set items has been decreased, making gambling ineffective. s6 impale is hampered by artificial restrictions on certain required items (HPS quiver, TP ammy, chain of shadows belt which are significantly harder to drop than any other DH item in those slots).

There’s a reason why this game is dead. I’m not interested in paragon farming in the slightest.

The new necrotic affix is just truly horrid. Lasts for way too long, and way too much damage to a character’s health. It’s an abomination. A result of devs not understanding the game.

Not sure how you’re farming GR125s in 90 seconds using s6 impale. I must have missed a memo.

I didn’t even bother with last season after doing the seasonal journey. It was game over for me. This season will be no different. The cheating is pervasive on the PS4 platform and any true competition has been long lost. Blizzard refuses to make changes to the game that would fix things.

Sorry to hear about your problems. The UE DH is a fantastic speed farmer in all content. With that all the DH sets are almost raining from the sky. I also got four or five shadow belts on the way to 800 paragons. But Shadow should be best for pushing and in that set up witching hour belt is used (according to maxroll).
Necrotic never bothered me in any way with UE multishot.

Speed farming Shadow Impale at GR115’s in 90 secs is possible with the buffs.


I’ve had three Primals off Kadala this season…two of them in one gambling session.

I’m using GoD though for speeds and running GR110’s in 90 secs with P800 and LG’s at 100.

No modded gear on SSF boards…yet.

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wow! I’ve had 1 drop at p700 (gamble). Necrotic is a nightmare at lower levels. Once you’ve geared up with your 6 piece set etc, then it’s non-eventful typically. I still wish Blizzard would fix dervishes - they affect s6 impale like NO other build. And that they spawn with pylons/nemesis bracers is just further salt on the wound. They need to balance both the monster/abilities and mechanics so that it affects all builds equally. As it currently stands, dervishes really only affect s6 impale (yes, I know a few other builds like barb rend can also be affected too). I mean, FB wizard can just wail on them with impunity. Can use nemesis bracers for full benefit with full impunity.

Yet being the operative word.

I’ve had 2 primals, including the GR75 primal, drop.

Sure, but weak as a wet paper bag without elusive ring and sucks with mobility without chain of shadows. And, using cold instead of lightning means less daggers, and less health returned by LOH, including using snapshotting with the mutilation potion (which hasn’t dropped for me yet either).

I don’t know how people find gear so quickly in seasons. My luck is always wretched. 5 days to get all the gear for my s6 impale build. And, I was farming t8 on day 2 (I worked all season start day and didn’t get home until later that evening, so only put in 2.5 hours to get to clvl 40 and then levelled up to clvl 70 on the Sunday).

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I can only assume that on PS4 at least, the VAST majority of people are cheating with save wizard and getting unlimited mats etc. Day 6 and I still have SFA veiled crystals and FS are limited too. Makes it hard to gamble and reforge when the base mats have very low drop rates. Doing a T16 rift and picking up everything that drops nets me maybe 20-30 veiled crystal. When I need 50 for a single rare upgrade and my luck is crappy, it isn’t fun. I’ve typically taken >= 12 rare hand crossbow updates to get Dawn to spawn. This is my typical average for the past 10 seasons btw. I’ve typically taken >= 8rare upgrades to get a karleis point dagger too. Maybe I am just very unlucky. I don’t understand how I can have such persistent bad luck over 15 odd seasons. it’s mathematically unlikely. And yet, I do. The same with TP ammy. I’ve had a good season with this item - usually it’s at LEAST a dozen duncraig ammies before a TP drops. This has been another consistent for me since s16/7 when Blizzard made changes to the RNG.

Last night with Kadala gambling (about 4200 blood shards) for pants - I kept get Natalyas pants. 1 after another after another. Now, either it’s RNG weighted to be a more frequent drop than any other pants or again, I’m just unlucky. I hadn’t enabled double legendaries from Kadala on the altar at that point of time, but I’m average ~20 gambles for each legendary item that drops. That’s ~2.5 legendary items per ~1400 blood shard or thereabouts. So, around 8 legendaries - 7 of which were, you guessed it, Natalyas pants. I’m not mathematician, but I’m pretty sure the probably of getting 7 from 8 of 1 particular item, when there’s a pool of like a dozen to drop, is pretty unlikely.

Why me?

I play on PC so can’t comment on Playstation - but there shouldn’t be any difference in how the game works I presume?
I started a DH. With the Marauder stuff from haedrig’s gifts things went sort of okay with a, far from optimal, marauder multishot build. When I realized I had enough stuff for an UE build farming became much, much better and easier in every way. This also includes getting all the nodes in the Altar (just need primal ashes for the last two potion nodes).

About gambling: spending bloodshards farmed on DH on a fresh level 70 wiz to get Tal Rasha pieces shows how RNG works. Trying to get Tal’s chest piece gave all the other set chests plus other chest pieces over and over and over until finally the right chest dropped. The other pieces weren’t that hard to get from kadala.

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Yes, RNG is not random in this game. There’s definitely problems with the algorithms used by Blizzard.

I had 1 piece of shadows set drop (gloves) just after reaching clvl 70. Upgrading rares got my 2nd piece. I already had karleis and got HPS just after reaching clvl 70 too. So, was able to farm t8 very early on (didn’t help, drops awful LOL).

RNG availed itself last night though - got a perfect primal HPS quiver from the upgrade legendary recipe in the cube . Got an OK ancient karleis too from reforging.

I forgot that I needed a CR cache for the altar and stupidly spent the cache from the last CR LOL. Now I’m cranky with myself at having to wait another week to progress with the altar


Just as an example of the typical RNG that I get…so my gems are now at the point where it’s 60% upgrade chance…this is my run so far…(before I gave up in disgust)…


certainly not 60% :wink:

now trying to get the gibbering gemstone…

15 runs, caverns of frost have spawned 5 times … so much for a 50/50 chance…

chilltara has spawned twice from the 5 caverns of frost runs…

neither spawn has dropped the gemstone of course. It’s meant to be bumped to 20%…that means it’ll take me 50 chilltara spawns before it drops…

The RNG in this game is BAD. It’s mean to be random. Why do some players consistently get BAD rng then…it’s not here and there, averaging out like it does for most players. It’s not confirmation bias like some fanboys try and suggest to protect Blizzard. There is definitely something odd about the RNG in the game, and it’s not random for all players. It’s not created equally. It should be truly random for ALL players.

Kadala has typically been atrocious this and the last several seasons. Certainly not anywhere near the 1/10 chance for a legendary item. I’m getting some good runs, but most of my gambles are 19 gambles and not a single legendary item. That is far more common than getting any legendary items from 19 gambles so far. And that’s with double legendary items from the altar btw.

I am again noticing the lack of shadow set drops - significantly less than any other DH set. The aforementioned natalya’s boots in an earlier post. There are 8 boots for the DH, so there’s a 1/8 chance of having the shadows boots drop. Why am I getting ~5 of every other DH set boot drop for a single shadows boot? Consistently? That’s not 1/8 chance…this begs the question - does Blizzard make the shadow set far harder to obtain than any other DH set? If so, why? it’s the weakest DH set…n6/m6/god are all stronger, even with the buffs to the set this season. ue is probably 3-5 GRs weaker. But it’s pieces drop far easier for me. This is a consistent problem, across ~15 seasons now. It’s not a fata morgana. It’s a real issue for me.

I’ve had 6 TP ammys drop and I’m near p950. I’ve had even less karleis points drop at 4 so far (I’m not including rare upgrades since that is far more easier to get the item than an actual loot drop from mobs). I’ve had 3 LGFs drop (this is unusual, I usually get 2 of them for every karleis that drops).

Rama gifts have been unusually bad this season too - 9 of them so far. By this point, I’m usually double this with this particular item.

My PC experience is much more balanced - on a long termed basis at least. 60% upgrades at Urshi are close to 60%. I do get zero, one and two upgrades out of four chances but also three and, rarely, four upgrades.
It’s been “proven” that Kadala’s legendary odds aren’t the same in all categories. So one might have to think of the best strategy to get primals for ashes or ancient and primals for useful stuff.
Also the loot pool for Ramaladnis (and petrified screams) has been diluted by hellforge embers.

Oh? I didn’t know that about Kadala. Interesting. It’s like Chain of shadows - I get close to 10 of every other belt per singular chain of shadows that kadala drops. Why is this belt so much rarer than the other belts? Why has duncraig amulet been a much higher spawn rate than TP ammy (averaging ~5 duncraig for every tp ammy that drops)? These are both consistent issues since s18.

I’m disappointed with the nerfs to the altar. I did a GR139 in s25 with the original altar and was looking forward to replicating that, but it has been probably nerfed near 7 GRS it seems.

Things like the hellforge embers and shards should have been in addition to the normal loot drop. I’m now getting less legendary items that I can salvage, and thus less FS…and having the altar want large FS amounts (250 and 300 FS) really hurts. I get it, group players are raining with mats. Solo players are doing it much tougher and these changes really hurt us.

I’ve done my season journey (the rewards this season were pathetic - just the portraits, nothing new) so far. I haven’t completed the altar yet, need more primal drops for the 2nd and 3rd major nodes.

Even with the shadows set buffs, the build is weaker than it was in s25 LOL…I guess this is the “balancing”…group players are always going to hit GR150 with their mega paragon. Blizzard needs to fix the paragon imbalance and properly balance builds. Not the half bummed effort that they typically put into the game…

I’ll probably get half decent ancients for the rest of my slots, slap on augments, do a “final” push and be done with the game for yet another season. I see little reason to toil away for the entire season, not with the cheats on PS4 and solo players being screwed. Stuff that crap, I have better things to do in my life.

Been working hard on my birding photography and now have a website btw:





So;, hunting for sliver of terror shards. Have done 6 runs of the Act IV bosses (18 bosses) for 1 shard…that’s a 5% drop rate…a small sample size to be sure, but crikey that’s horrible. I’m positive that other shards from other bosses have a much higher drop rate than this. I did get a bunch of the portals, and got 2 slivers from them. Still, the boss drop rate is pathetic.

As long as the Tristram event is up, go to the Butcher and the skeleton king (level two and three) they each drop one of all the shards.


Excess shards can then be salvaged to regular gems. The one downside of the shards theme is that regular gems are in short supply for augments since you’d normally use Broken Crown for extra gems but with a shard in your helm it doesn’t work.

So the event is not only a great way to get a lot of shards but as a side effect gems too.

I figured this out by accident late last night LOL. I went into the bone chamber, but no skeleton king, just lots of dead ends. Not sure if I did something wrong or not. In the original Diablo bone chamber, there were levers to open up the area that the SK was in…I didn’t see any in the D3 event Meh.

One thing that ticks me off is doing the visions during the event - you don’t get given enough time to get back to the starting point in the event, so get booted. If you’re on level 7/8 and have to start from lvl 1 again, it’s a real p.i.t.a and bad design point. Some of the visions have went 17 levels deep for me…there’s no chance in hell of getting back to the starting point.

Yes, this is another game design screw up from Blizzard imho. They could simply fix this by making it a gem in your or YOUR followers helm. Simple fix.

Isn’t the skeleton king in the tomb of the skeleton king (or something called like that?).

But the deeper levels give tons of legendaries. It’s a question of priorities. If we have an inportant bounty in the works and a Vision spawns we have to choose what to do first.