S28 predictions

I think it’s safe to assume that Bells is going to crushed by the nerf hammer this go around.

Any predictions to what the new king will be? Do you think Tals & Blood Nova are going to share the crown? Or do you think there’s going to be a big balance shift?

As much as I hate WD’s I think they will get some love in season 28.

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What do you mean Bell monk is going to be nerfed? The seasonal power goes away. We don’t know anything about the new season. But I fear Tal Rasha Meteor gets some kind of nerf. Some changes to Akhan Condemn I guess.

But some buffs/new items to WD and maybe Barb/DH.


Dude, we got along well, now it’s war! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahahaha. Sorry Strix, I can’t help it. I just don’t like playing WD’s, but I do believe they need some buffs next season to get them off the bottom.

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I do hope Jade gets some love. Propably the easiest way is to buff Quetzalcoatl (increases its usefulness outside Jade as well) and adding damage modifier to Wormwood.

I predict WD will be super strong… in the PTR… and then… (you know the rest).


PTR will last 5 weeks and then be abandoned on announcement of D4 which will then cause the PTR to be rethought to reflect the reality of the release and other r-alliterative reasons.

Would like to see some of the changes from the community / Rax’s list start to be implemented; although a lot of those are QOL changes and not a theme.

During the next season, the Darkening of Tristram event goes live. Also inevitable D4 release date announcement. I would love to see something creative that ties all of that together, like the ability to run Old Tristram as a rift all season (ie turn off the old-school filter) and have special rewards or drops. Maybe drop soul shard fragments (jewels) that can be equipped into armor; somewhat like the bug that happened on a previous PTR.

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Predictions? Okay. Since developers like to prove me wrong at times I’ll go forward:

  • Necromancer now spawns 100 Skeletons and their Bone Spirit leaves a trail that spawn more skeletons. All of this magically doesn’t crash servers or cause any lag in the slightest. All Necromancer has to do stand perfectly still and watch their Skeletons do the work with no input required.
  • Bell Monk nerfed because it’s too easy to play it and it’s popular. Blizzard found out that kids with their protective parents play Bell Monk non-stop 25/7. As a make up for this, they also introduced Rabid Strike now spawning 8 bells maximum from WoL casts just like the Angelic Crucible power because who doesn’t like more lag?
  • Weapon Throw buffed by 2000% damage multiplier on each legendary spear. You can overwhelm elites in GR145 effortlessly with insane amount of attack speed. Why play another Barbarian build when you can hold down m1 with no worries about resources like Whirlwind?
  • Crusader Akkhan Phalanxes now cast Heaven’s Fury each time they cast Condemn because it needs more lag at Bounty runs.
  • Inna Monk returns to 3000% damage multiplier for each Mystic Ally they have out. Because clicking one button to freeze the entire screen was “interesting gameplay”.
  • No tweaks for Raiment Monks, nor Raiment Witch Docs.
  • No tweaks for area damage to address the issue of wide spread lag.
  • No such Quality of Life change as Armory saving your paragon setup for removing area damage points.

I’ll fill here as I remember them.

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I’d add, they cut down CDs to a maximum of 5secs and instead give additional resource costs to skills. Man i hate long CDs and rolling CDR everywhere to properly play high CD skill builds. Also durational skills whit CD will have shorter or matching CDs to the lenght of the duration.

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I think all Builds should be enhanced to the strength of Tal-Rasha, because I can fast clear 134 GR with Tal-Rasha, and upgrade the gems with a 1% probability, so that I can also make 150 gems in single player mode,this is the balance between single player and team,otherwise, I will have to join a team for 150 gems,this will be the only choice. It is nonsense to nerf the Wave of Light. After Season 27, the Wave of Light will return to normal strength,You should not nerf a build because of the strong buff of the Season.

They’ll finally give Blessed Shield Crusaders some love this season, I just know it!

single tear rolls down cheek

Don’t you mean 25/8?