(S27) Rebalancing Satiated Cooldown

Currently as a chicken doctor with Captain Crimson, I’ve found that the Haunt sanctify works pretty well for me.

  • Every swarmed enemy becomes haunted with the current rune (Yay poison spirit!)
  • Haunted enemies within 60 yards are yanked towards Piranha pools, meaning I can effect a whole group, run away for a small time, YOINK and KABOOM! :heart:
  • Bogodile cronches non-elites

But… There’s still some significant downsides that make piranhado still far more favorable.

  • Cronch has a cooldown called Satiated
  • Bogodile only affects ONE SINGLE MONSTER

This ultimately means the buff to Bogodile is practically bread crumbs in comparison to everything else.

So I’d like to suggest several ways to buff the baby gator. Any one of these will vastly improve usage, just one of them alone will be enough. Only with Sanctified of course:

  • Remove Satiated
  • Make the hungry jaws an AOE snap to anyone standing in the radius of Piranhas
  • Massively buff the damage against bosses to deal a portion of their health in damage
  • Sanctified item buffs Piranhas by giving the Bogodile rune automatically

I simply feel no compulsion to use Bogodile as it is, just because it insta-kills a simple monster and the damage against elites/bosses is utterly negligible. Even if I did spec my gear to buff Piranhas damage immensely, it’s still flimsy, so I switched all of it back to Locust Swarm because it was wasted otherwise.

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I’d really like some hotfix to Bogodile also.

Now it actually make fight against elites longer, since elite might disappear for several seconds and not take any dmg.
I think cooldown should be removed or greatly shortened and Bogodile dmg increased too (or some balanced compromise). So that it would be slightly faster or equal to compared to other (high para lvl) boss killers (with max cooldowns, no channeling pylon calculated).
It would be really nice to have this role for WD in higher level games. I enjoyed it in PTR and was surprised and disappointed when the fun was totally nerfed.

On PTR the Bogodile would eat a big chunk of an elite’s life and it scaled with GR but there was something wrong with the RG fight because it would 1 shot every time. The patch notes don’t even acknowledge this problem.

Where is the “Massive” damage? The Bogodile doesn’t seem to do any. The Satiated cooldown is pointless now because it isn’t worth waiting for.