S25 Season Soul Shard Gems for Inna

What are you guys thinking of using for soul shard gems for higher GR’s? The pet damage gem seems fairly no brainer but I’m torn on which helmet gem.

I like what the Terror’s Increased Cool Down gem does, especially the 50% fire damage along with generally speaking being more tanky, but I think it fks over the rotational timing of aligning with the fire cycle to pop the allies.

Baal’s Destruction gem seems like it’s only useful for speed GR’s (and will be amazing for it at that). The cool down on kill is nice but the build kills in such burst fashion I don’t see this being useful enough to get an extra fire pop in between shenlong/fire cycles. Same concept with the killing below 10% health; would be useful if a fire pop leaves them that low but the chunk damage on that skill is so high that this also feels… extremely situation specific to be useful.

Meph’s hatred gem would definitely be the most consistent for getting to the RG faster and the 15% damage nerf is basically laughable with stricken against the RG (or for whatever reason any other “single” monsters); I just don’t know if it’s better than Diablo’s Terror setup.

What are your thoughts? And one interesting thing from the DH forum with M6… if rolling poison damage on weapons works with pet damage and using the Anguish is a thing, what are the thoughts on going that route?

Take a look at maxroll.gg. they’ll tell you exactly which gems, desired rank stats and why they make the most sense.