S25 Ring of Emptiness Buffed or Not?


In the PTR for 2.7.2 it states

  • Updated Ring of Emptiness to benefit attacks from all non-Fetish pets.

But in the official patch notes release it simply doesn’t state anything regarding RoE at the time of this writing…

A few other have caught this (without testing/confirmation) and the Season goes live here in 3 days. Can anyone confirm/deny this? would be helpful for the WD community unless I’ve missed it reported elsewhere?

Yes, they’re dropping with the updated effect.

Just didn’t seem to make the patch notes.


Now that think of it, didn’t the LP description change? Stateing the buff to all non-fetish pets? So if the LP dosen’t states the buff they dumped it.

EDIT: It’s in!:blush:

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The Ring of Emptiness does now benefit attacks from all non-Fetish pets. You can verify this by looking at the description for the ROE in your Kanai Cube items.

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