S21 Ending Soon

Ability to speak or write is not a sign of intelligence :slight_smile: Repeating the exact same thing over and over again is also not a sign of intelligence :slight_smile: more like lack of it… but i do understand why you feel better saying that :slight_smile:

Yeah… and those speculations means nothing. You’re gonna take day off from work based on a speculation ?

Speech and writing pfft, any creature can do these things I know. Imagine having a conversation with a Tardigrade, man the questions I would ask…humans also first learn from mocking the adults they are around. Anyways, you think what you want and do you. Have fun.

Nope, but some people apparently do.

We might not know yet when S22 will start exactly, but we do already know when it will NOT start: S22 will certainly not start on 30 October nor 6 November (and most likely not on 13 November, except for a miracle). This is already useful information for those who want to go away for the WE, for example.

Season 21 will end 8.11. if everything goes as planned from now on.

edit: Season 22 should start around 1-2 weeks later, if everything goes as planned. Thx for correction.


No, season 22 should start on 20 November if everything goes as planned from now on. Since season 18 there has always been a 12-day gap between season end and next season start.

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Well, one could argue that they used the extended PTR-Time to already adress those critical issues, and therefore start it on the 13th.
Thats at least what i hope

I think the bold portion had answered.

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Not the most likely scenario, but that would be very welcome of course!

Meanwhile, 8th November confirmed…

[ EDIT ]
I should mention that now, if you have Battlenet set to English (US), it actually shows the end date of 8th November in the splash screen. Of course, if it’s set to English (UK) there’s still no announcement.



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I’m going to say your probably right. but the wow expansion just got pushed back to the 23rd. I hope blizzard doesn’t screw my opening week plans for both games…

I think the 101 proof Wild Turkey is quite good.

S21 Ends November 8
S22 Estimately Start is November 20
S22 End November 23 when everyone leaves cause its litterly just RATS for XP all over again and the game is full of botters + Shadowlands Release

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The point of Sunday, November 8th S21 end was never an issue.
However, you made it a Troll point:

I clearly agreed with the S21 end date after the Euro Launcher was SS’d here.

You however, made it a ridiculous bragging point and would not shut up about it when I mentioned it was not on ‘my’ launcher, which is the America’s.

I was just stating a fact, and the S21 end date was understood.

Why O’ Why do you make it such a big deal about nothing?

Please let it go.

Let’s look at how to defeat internet trolls.

  1. Don’t feed the troll. Most trolls just want attention. …
  2. Block them. Unfriend or block a troll, if possible. …
  3. Report them. Report the troll to the online service. …
  4. Discuss. …
  5. Expose. …
  6. Exit.

I guess you’ve not heard of Brazil then? Their “American” launcher would be set to Portuguese, because that’s the native language there, and they play on the US server region.

Why O’ why are you stuck on this old topic and rather dumb topic at that?

Someone living in Brazil or anywhere in South America does not set their launcher to ‘United States’.

Actually, there are close to a hundred different language/culture choices when you create your account.

I knew two weeks ago that S21 ends Nov. 8th because of someone’s SS posted near the top of this post.

It is utterly unimportant what my launcher showed or did not show at that time.
You, Meteorblade are a Troll of the most twisted type.
You bother me, while discussing a topic that is dead.
By now I bet Classic team has every language correct with S21 end date showing on launcher.

Please leave it alone Meteorblade!

With my launcher set to English (UK) there’s no Season 21 Ending splash. And a quick check confirms it’s also missing for German, Spanish (EU), French, Italian, Polish and Russian.

It’s only there for English (US), Portuguese and Spanish (Latin American), i.e. the languages for the Americas.