S20 Theme question

I don’t know if Nev will awnser this but…

There is any intention to change the s20 theme? compare to the last one this look so poor, and like many people say, it doesn’t provide a strong buff to any build.

Do you think Blizzard will change s20 theme or reworked in some way to make it more atractive?

TBH expecting season theme to always bring a strong buff is like expecting power creep.

I think this theme is fine although weak. There were weaker buffs like double goblin!

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Yeah it’s true, but double goblin at least provide “some other way to farm”, this theme is just a try to give powercreep somewhere but you can’t find it, only a few builds use season buff and even though is nothing special IMHO.

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I think this one gives you some other way to farm T16. And nobody actually farmed on goblins…

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No, there is not.

Not every Season is going to give a huge amount of power. Not every Season will be as compelling to every player. There is a reasonably large echo chamber here between a handful of players that aren’t interested in this Season. And there is a fair amount of feedback from many other players across a variety of community spaces that are really excited about it. Like some of the past buffs, I suspect this one will be more popular with certain classes over others.

It’s okay if it’s not the Season for you. :slight_smile: We’re planning to continue doing different things with each Season for the foreseeable future. If there’s something particular you’d like to see for a future Season, we’re always looking for new ideas; I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to fulfill exact community suggestions (there are limitations to what a Season buff can entail), but the additional inspirations are always welcome and definitely one of the forms of feedback I’m perennially tracking for future patches.


Is there anyway you can get the Furnace to be added to the DH cube?

Bigger request than you might think. It’s not a change to the cube, it’s a change to the class.

It’s been passed along as feedback. It’s just also not an easy change like adding In-Geom properly to the loot table was.

That makes sense. I now understand that adding the furnace was a bigger request than I once thought. Thanks for the explanation.

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While you are adding items to loot tables, can you also add the Bovine Bardiche for Witch Doctors, Wizards, Necros and DHs please?
Feels a bit unfair that the other classes have them dropped in bunches, while the others need to spend materials and hope for rng to upgrade rares.



Developer’s Note: As we outlined in our Developer Insight blog, we want to continue to get creative (and maybe a little crazy) with the Season Themes and powers we add to the game. We heard from some players that they preferred themes that made your character directly feel more powerful rather than needing to focus on the environment around you. If that describes you, then the Season of Forbidden Archives should be right up your alley, and we’re really interested to see how this changes the game for Season 20.

Season theme does 0 for many of the top builds! - So how does my character feel more powerful!!!


Some classes benefit more than others depending on the seasonal theme. You are correct that this does not change things for several classes but it likely help a few (necromancers come to mind).

Nice, lets have a season for 1 class to benefit… I bet the DH’s are going to be sore about this :wink:

Why would you want that? Not like it leads anywhere…

(Feedback noted and passed on.)


Lol that is such a Virgo response :upside_down_face:



To handle that “no furncace-situation” for the DH, i think it could be a fair compromise to bring the exact same affix on the Sunkeeper. It is a 1-handed weapon anyone can wield.

Don’t know whether it should be stackable, but i guess you will get my point :wink:

Thanks for the overall info about the changes and thoughts behind it.
For me…there is one thing left i would have liked to read from a developer, or you.

Why don’t you consider adding “Zombie Charger” or “Acid Cloud” to the set?

They need mana and a good portion of damage boost. They only have one item without a legendary effect. Give their supporting item a 800% boost and people will play it for fun and take those changes with kissing hands.

It is fun to play Spirit Barrage, but it is not new.

I really would like to know how you want to fix those 2 skills when they are like 150x the damage behind other skills.

Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s why I exactly made these questions, because they say the want to keep adding crazy things to make the game interesting, and now they bring this “season theme”.
The idea is not bad, but just to simple at this point imo.

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Aw man… So the original S20 theme is actually going live??? It just doesn’t seem interesting enoguh, it feels like its an incomplete theme or something…

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It is disappointing to hear that. When you said you guys want to went crazy on seasonal theme, I am expecting something crazy.

Current Kanai Cube theme is not crazy at all. It didn’t benefits solo play that much as defense cube is rather important for solo push for higher GR level.

It would be different thing if the player on S20 at least got an inner buff like 50% damage reduction or 50% damage buff so they can went crazy on S20 kanai cube setup.

Current S20 theme doesn’t allow that. You trade one defense for offense or vice versa. Very restrictive to be honest.


I know I should just let this go at this point but I honestly cannot wrap my head around this…

The developers could have had a WIN/WIN here but they decided that we are an echo chamber and we don’t matter.

Keep the season theme as is and ADD the RoRG theme to it. People who like the season theme as is are happy and those of us who want to do true theory crafting for END GAME builds would be happy… I mean how hard could it be, it was already implemented 3 seasons ago or so. Am I missing something here? Would that make the masses who love the season theme angry because it would give them more options???


I would still like to see an additional Slot added to Kanai’s Cube for Off-Hand items: Shields, Crusader Shields, Quivers, Mojos, Orbs and Phylacteries.

Not just as a Seasonal Theme, but permanently: