S19 Starter Tips!

Looking for some pro tips from the community for the 1-70 race!

I know using my shards from CR to roll bracers is the top priority at level 1 (BoD or BotFM) but are there other tips/milestones to be aware of for leveling?

Thanks in adavance! ^-^

The linked video in this guide was based on using a Barb.

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  1. Do CR and gamble for bracers. if you get HotA bracers then get kanais cube and cube them for super fast leveling.
  2. Take the weapon from Templar level 1 and use it.
  3. max blacksmithing and craft 3 or so level 70 weapon.
  4. max enchantress and try to roll level reduce affix on them. If one gets expensive then switch to the next. You’re looking for reduce level by 30 to equip a level 70 weapon at 40. Get as close to that as you can
  5. craft a 2h weapon every 8 levels until you can equip level 70 weapon to get a good boost in damage
  6. don’t go to high or low on difficulty. Keep it at a good pace to maximize efficiency
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Be sure to create/rebirth your Seasonal toon before the CR or you can’t claim the CR cache in Season.


Check out the New Player’s Guide for tips on how to level quickly in a new Season: [Guide] New + Returning Player's Guide (Season 18)


Gamble bracers as said but you cant cube them wear at level 16. Then upgrade rste mighty 2handed weapon. If you get real lucky youll get the one to go with bracers. Gravel of judgment and bracers of the first men mesn you one hit all the qay to 70. If you get the siesmic slam one snd bracers almost as good. When you roll 70 weapon try to get life on hit as well. Also dont forget red gem in helmit and wear leorics crown if you find one

Be sure to create/rebirth your Seasonal toon before the CR or you can’t claim the CR cache in Season.

You actually don’t have to do this. As long as you kill the RG in the CR after the season starts then you will be able to collect the cache on a seasonal character you have yet to create. Saves you a few minutes if you like the thrill of trying to get to #1 before going to bed :slight_smile:

Some useful actual tips / gameplay / video here: