Running chaos in < 1 minute

Quick tips on fast farming chaos. Apply it as you wish (finish chaos while a bot teles baal).

Build - Zerker
Berzerk - max
bo - max
sword mastery - max
howl - max
rest into shout

stats - enough dex for mb, rest into vit

grief pb
gloves - laying hands of bramble
fill in anything else you want with mf or dmg or anything. I’d recommend hitting the 37 fcr breakpoint for some speed to tele.

In the end, the important parts are that you have max block (75%), a grief pb (doesn’t break and fast ias), laying hands fo bramble (HUGE DMG TO DEMONS), and enigma to tele.

Rush the seals immediately, pop them, howl everything away, leap a few times if its overcrowded, stomp the super uniques and zerk away, wash, rinse, repeat for remaining seals. Corner tele helps quite a bit to move faster (1.5x screens distance).

I manually leveled my barb to 99 doing this while bots would prep baal for me. Works great! I’d be able to finish chaos + nihl by the time a bot is finishing up the 3rd-4th wave of minions.



I’ve been waiting months now for the demonstration video, when can we expect it?

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Haven’t been on in awhile. Here you go, time it yourself.


That’s impressive. I could beat it with my ww barb if I could tele as well as you can.