RoTS Builds without Shenlongs (or with)

3 Months, 2 Days, 43 Minutes.

This is the time I’ve played and tried to legitimately perfect the build.
Items include: Captain Crimson’s set, Convention of Elements, Endless Walk and Shenlongs (5 of which are Primals the rest Ancient)

Skills include: Rotating Epiphany - Desert Shroud and Serenity - Ascension along with Breath of Heaven - Infused with Light. Way of a Hundred Fists - Assimilation into Crippling Wave - Mangle (the typical setup).

Cube consists of: Flying Dragon, Depth Diggers, RoRG.

Passives: Alacrity, Seize the Initiative, Exalted Soul and Beacon of Ytar.

The problem this set faces is on the 6pc Bonus. Dashing Strike, which is used not as the primary damage dealer (which would be considerably ineffective with it’s cursor placed damage output as well as the very frequent double trigger that happens with Dashing Strike) has the larger damage bonus. This set would be A) more frequently played as a push build and B) be much more effective if the Primary Damage modifier was more consistent with that of the Demon Hunters Gears of Dreadlands Primary Damage modifier.

In it’s current form, the highest (bot driven) attainment on the leaderboards is 134 at over 14 minutes. This is saying a lot when even the botted form of this cannot attain higher than 134. I, personally, in this setup cannot attain higher than 114.

For next season I recommend a quick rework of just the 6pc bonus and push the Spirit Generator modifier to, at minimum, 12,000%. I would recommend 15,000% which would be equivalent to the incomparably faster Demon Hunter 6pc bonus on Gears of Dreadlands and at the same time allow for another build in the Monks lineup that could be chosen to reach those prestigious placements on the leaderboards (if so desired), instead of forced build play to attain such accomplishments.

TLDR: Raiment of a Thousand Storms 6pc Spirit Generator damage modifier is to low to attain any reasonable placement or give an enjoyable experience for time investment on the set and build.

After over 3 months of trying to perfect it’s performance, the build is not fun anymore with it’s major damage dealing ability barely pushing over a 134 RG.