Rolands Sweep Attack build

Well at this point I don’t really expect anything from Blizzard honestly, but I guess on one hand I don’t have much too loose and on the other a lot to win so here I go.

Please blizzard for the love of god Buff the rolands set so we can play higher grs with the build using sweep attack just like with heavens fury just power creep the numbers thank you or make some bracers/weapon that sinergize with sweep attack or w/e. I’d love to play this build in higher grs just like heaven’s fury because well I played diablo 2 and I would love playing the Zealot build of the paladin.

Another thing please buff the captain america build either for LoD or Akarat champion set it would be awesome for real, although I’d prefer buffs for LoD but w/e as long as it becomes strong as heavens fury.


sorry, In blizzard’s eyes crusaders are wizards…we fight with lightning, flame jets and lazors

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I would think that the fourth Kanai slot and the Norvald’s buff would open up the option to cube both Golden Flense and Denial while taking Norvald set for 400% dmg or whatever it is. This should be huge with the already buffed dmg to the set, right?
It’ll be what I try out on the PTR, and I am guessing that the Kanai’s buff is a trial run for adding this permanently.

This is a good idea if you want to play Roland’s.

You’ll end up 8GRs higher compared to non-season. It should be mid to upper 130s by season end.

I am testing Roland on PTR and my first impression is as expected, a big lack of damage. With the statistics below I have to explode a GR 120 and this was not the case.

6M sheet damages / 40% fire / 32k STR

  • 5 parts of Roland
  • 2 parts of Crimson
  • Endless Walk Jewelry Set + Zodiac
  • Lacuni bracer but we can change it
  • The Furnace + Denial
  • cube = Golden Flense + Stone Gauntlet + RoRG
  • gem level 134+

Technically the big buff is from the addition of norvalds to the build, which u cant test till next week. However if they dont keep the 4th cube slot. Your 100% correct that it isnt strong enough.

Builds shouldn’t be balanced around seasonal buffs. You need to make it good in non season, and then have fun buffs from seasons.


Kika have you tested Rolands on the PT R with 4th cube yet?

No but it should be alright to get to 140ish (heavy push) with the steed charge set.

I did try roland in non season though, did a 130 quite easily. Can probably push 135, maybe a bit higher. This is with a “new” concept where I dropped zodiac and played crimson instead.

I tried a bunch of different builds in season. It was fun up to 115. After that, it might as well have been 150. I did:
Captain crimson
both endless walk/coe/zod and FoT/coe/zod
Steed set
cubed: flense, stoners, rorg, denial
passives: holy cause, finery, wrathful and heavenly strength