Rimeheart is useful to a Barbarian

You can use frenzy in combination with rimeheart and frostburn to get amazing results. I dare someone to ask how.


20% chance on hit to instantly deal 10,000% weapon damage as Cold to enemies that are Frozen. 10,000%

Let’s assume a nice shiny primal, and say 3100 for the weapon damage. 10,000% is 100 times that, so 100 * 3100 = 310,000 damage. Let’s assume it crits due to the gloves, with a CHD of 600%, so 6 * 310,000 = 1,860,000 damage.

Now then, against a GR guardian that has trillions or quadrillions of HP, how many times do you think you have to hit it for that to matter?

Oh, almost forgot…