Ridiculus all this

After killing more than 500 times cihtara didn’t drop the bumbling gem to complete this quest, this thing is not possible, I understand the random drop but this is an exaggeration, more than 500 times not 10,50 or 100 more than 500, yesterday evening from 1 to 4 and this morning from 11.30 to 14.05


Same here, this is not fun at all. And listening at the same time to prople who found it right away or more than one time. This has nothing to do with luck

Hackers, hackers everywhere.

same thing, fellow players, dropped on the first run, even one twice, I’m not joking, more than 600 runs and nothing

If you haven’t gotten it after your 1000th run, a pop-up will appear in game asking if you’d like to join the Secret Society. If you respond favorably, you’ll be prompted to enter some credit card information and, more importantly, identity details in the form of a “culture survey”. Once this is done, and you’ve approved the charge (the low-low rate of just $0.01, initially) you’ll note you have double double drop rates for the next hour (per year of age). If that is not sufficient, you can access the newly available Society Page (the URL will be emailed to you) and pay more for a guaranteed drop of any selected item of your choice. The cost is variable and depends on many factors, mostly your hours played.

Note, this is not available on Console due to technical reasons.

Sorry Yoda. Keep trying!