RGK build help in s22

Hey, I am looking for a little advise regarding how the build stays alive through the rift? I have not empowered my gear yet but I am getting close. I find the build super squishy though. I know my helm is really bad but besides that what if anyone knows am I missing to keep me alive more? I split my paragons between vit and str to try and up my toughness a little more. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I know the build doesn’t cap AC at 100% uptime and I don’t think it is even possible with the build but besides being careful when out of AC is there something else I am missing?

I am running stricken, gogok, and trapped. also cubbed leorics, fell, the shield, and rorg

I recommend cubing Aquilas instead of Leoric’s and then equipping a lvl 100 Esoteric Alteration instead of Gogok. Pump 50 paragon into max wrath too.

This will make AC downtime more tolerable.

Just be mindful if running off your Aquilas buff — careful placement of Fists will minimize this.

You can still kill GR140+ guardians in a reasonable amount of time with this defensive setup.

During the GR avoid fighting in density if possible, i would just pull trash to the necro and peg the elites on holy, rinse repeat.

Thanks for your response. I will swap these change and I am still on the hunt for some decent gear for a few select slots.

For 4 players meta, you should not deviate from guides you see online (I am personally recommending maxroll’s guides).
If you feel squishy during the rift :

  • Make sure you are running around the pack, never stay stationnary
  • Don’t try to burst elites, especially if you have AC downtime
  • Make sure you keep all your buffs up
  • You’re the safest when on your horse

You’re very low paragon for now, crusader boss killer at that paragon level is hardly worth the effort. If your goal is to group in 4p as a boss killer (in pick up groups), I would advise doing some rat runs and get ~2500 paragon first, at that point it starts making sense to run crusader instead of necro with stricken.