(Rework idea) Raiment of the Thousand Sads

(2) Spirit Generators have 25% increased attack speed and 400% increased damage
(4) Dashing Strike’s cooldown is reduced by 50% and stores up to 30 charges. Your damage received is reduced by 2% per stored charge of Dashing Strike.
(6) Spirit Generators and Dashing Strike damage is increased by 2000% per stored charge of Dashing Strike.

Staff of Kyro - Your Dashing Strike activates Cyclone Strike and both abilities deal 500% more damage.


Interesting idea, but it’s not going to solve the issue with pushing with this set. I just made a post on the issues. All this will do is allow for easier gathering of the mobs, it’s not going to reasonably decrease clear times to any degree that increases GR level. I’d say you could get 1 or 2 additional GR levels with this change but the Spirit Generator is the primary damage dealer in RoTS builds, so this will not change damage output and clear potential … enough.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think it probably needs more damage. However, the purpose of the rework idea was to change the QoL/playstyle rather than just add damage multipliers to target a performance level.

I still think the 6pc bonus to generators should be procced by something else other than Dashing Strike… like Cyclone Strike as well. Raiment is fun but clunky on console (which I play on). On PC, when you use Dashing Strike, you’ll dash to your cursor, so you can dash short distances. On console, I’ll be attacking a pack, dash and shoot myself well out of the pack.

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Yep this is how the rework idea would function. Just having charges stored would give you the dmg/toughness buff, which is reduced if you spend a LOT of charges teleporting around (faster than they recover)