Revert AOV Nerf or remove FoTh and make it Hf Sett

Topic says all.
Revert the nerf of AoV . It wasn’t necessary, so why you did this ??

A) Revert Nerf
B) Make AoV Heavens fury sett, remove Fists of the Heavens and make Fists of the Heavens a LoD Build and Increase the supporting items.

FotH relies on Norvalds, it can’t become an LoD build, you’d have to make Heavens Fury the LoD build in that case.

The nerf seems unnevessary but I didn’t calculate the nerfs to other classes, so maybe it’s not too far off.
FotH belt should have become a bracer, as mentioned last Patch. Sad to see no change to this at all

Either way, you lose 2 GR levels.

I’ve played a bit of the nerfed stuff (Akkhan, AoV, Marauder) as well as some of the buffed stuff (Blessed Shield, Roland’s, Seeker, Impale).

  • AoV felt the worst of the nerfed, a fishier GR140.
  • Seeker is missing about 7GRs.

When I consider the Altar and non-season setups, I’m optimistic for AoV w/ Ivory Tower -the passability will permit more oculus ring access, extra buff uptime will allow one to run CoE more easily, perhaps recouping lost GRs. Considering Fist of the Heavens, the shrines provide a bit more juice, survivability, movement and attack speed, which all translate into increased damage output. That taken into account, I still feel the AoV is best tuned at 20,000%.

Overall, I think the devs did solid balance work this patch. Mostly everything I tried on non-season PTR yielded GR140-142 with like 10 keys. I’d be nice to see some tweaks in the final patch notes.


They could easily move Novaldis Bonus to swiftmount , this Flail is useless anyway. But the Bonus works only with LoD.

This, and Belt bonus to Bracers and done.

FoTH can’t become LoD, it cannot give up on Norvald,it has better still stay in AoV set. The Devs nerfed AoV this time, making Heavens fury completely unable to pushing in a party game(Actually, all the push gameplay has been nerfed,such as Tal Rasha,Marauder,Trag-oul etc). I can accept it.

There is little to gain putting Fist of the Heavens on LoD. There is a giant loss of multipliers:

  • 6pc Set
  • Legendary Gem
  • Norvald’s
  • Endless Walk
  • Captain Crimson

Putting Norvald into Swiftmount would be helpful to Invoker. Making this work for LoD FotH requires a multiplier larger than 100% and ultimately moves Invoker into OP territory.

I think the current AoV setup w/ the 20,000% multiplier is nearest to ideal, my only beef with AoV is its poor defense when cooldowns drop.

If we don’t get Altars in Non-Season, the 20,000% absolutely should be restored.

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