Returning to previous Acts


Can anybody remind me (it having been a long, long time since I played D3) how do I change the Acts on the map? That is, I’m now at Act ii, but there are things I think I might have neglected from Act i, (or even if it’s just to pick up a few more experience points before going too far in Acts 2 and later), so how do I change the map, to let me go back to previous Acts? I’m almost sure I remember being able to do it, but I don’t recall how. If anybody can help, I’d appreciate it greatly. Thanks.


Playing in Campaign Mode

  1. “Leave Game”.
  2. Click “Game Settings”. (Under the “Start Game” or “Resume Game” button).
  3. “Change Quest”. Here you can select which Act and which Quest you want to go to.

Playing in Adventure Mode

  1. Open your Game Map.
  2. Right-click anywhere on it to change to the World Map.
  3. Select the Act you wish to go to.
  4. Click on the Town Waypoint or any other Waypoint you wish to go to.

If you’re referring to your Seasonal Barbarian, you should be playing in Adventure Mode and working on your Seasonal Journey.


Thanks, Perusoe, but…That’s what I thought I remembered, but it doesn’t work. I’m in Adventure Mode, and, thinking I could go back whenever I wanted, I perhaps foolishly advanced from Act I before getting Kanai’s Cube. When I tried - as you say - right-clicking on the map…nothing happened. I’m getting really frustrated, because it now looks like the Cube - one of the most interesting things in the game - is lost to me for good. I assume I’m doing something wrong, but I sure don’t know what it could be.


If you’re advancing from Act I via story stuff and can’t right-click on the map to zoom out and choose where to go, you’re in Campaign Mode, not Adventure Mode.

From the Hero selection screen, click on the Game Settings button and choose Adventure Mode…

When you’re in Adventure Mode, when you look at the map, you’ll see it like this…

Clicking on any of the little teleport icons takes you straight to that map. If you want to go to an area in a different Act, you either right-click on the map to zoom out, or click on the minus sign at the top, then select one of the other acts, and then the map you want to go to.