Returning Player

I was wondering if you guys could give me hints and build that would fast track me on how to play the game again. What’s a fun build to play right now in this season (can play anything but semi-looking for a minion builid but can do without also)? I quit around 10 years ago and just wanted to play again after poe.

First of all, considering you’ve been away for so long, here’s some basics:

The game has changed drastically over the years.

Marauder DH is sort of minion build with an active playstyle:

Sentries are from the gameplay mechanics standpoint considered as “pets”.

Rathma Necro a sort of minion build but your main tool is to nuke groups of enemies the Army of the Dead:

Minions are there just to buff you.

Overall Maxroll the best source of comprehensive build guides, gameplay mechanics info and other resources:

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That’s a lot of things to chew thru wow. O.o

If its not a minion build, what would you suggest?

I will take note of this site. Thanks man

One minion build I forgot to mention is the Inna Mystic Ally monk:

This build however is slated to recieve a significant nerf in the upcoming patch due to being so powerful.

I see. I’ll try this one before it gets nerfed lmao. Also, when does the new season start?

The next season start is still unknown. The current PTR will last till August 8th at least and after that there’ll be a couple weeks minimum before S27 starts.

Ah I see. Thanks for the info. Better start learning before new season starts

Just jump into the actual season. Innas is the headrig gift.

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